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The shirt that says it all!

I'll take a few dozen! Thanks Boing Boing!

How's My Blogging? Call 1 888 STFU LOL: t-shirts now availableXeni Jardin:

PETA and other animal right groups make no sense to me

I just don't get it, drop a comment if you do!

Animal rights activists want to kill baby Polar Bear - SickOh, brother, more madness from animal right activists.

Ahh so now they feel safe enough to begin the remake of Telecommunications

So it begins. Secure in its now expanded monopoly, AT&T is beginning to curtail just what services you can access. Why? Well because they cost them too much.

Sirius and XM get the hint!

Looks like I don't have to say much here, the ad says it all. :)

Race fans better keep it in their pants

It's well known that here in the south NSACAR is huge. And race weekend is a good time to not go near Atlanta Motor Speedway unless you are a racefan and have hours to wait in traffic. The good news is the thousands of fans bring big money to the area! They dump a ton of cash into the local economy. So much that the Clayton County police department decided to take their cut too!

They have decided this was the perfect weekend for a prostitution sting!

A wolf in the henhouse or a flasher in the mommas play group?

A while back my wife joined several Atlanta based mother groups. She has really enjoyed the friends she has made there and some of the fun things they have done together. It seemed a safe place to meet people. The groups all tend to operate in a manner of checking out whomever joins and only meeting new folks in large public gathering to prevent problems with bad people.

Recently one of them let a man (Eric Jeffares AKA James Jeffares) join who has a criminal history thats just been discovered. Information about the guy is here

The Patent Office is a Threat to Innovation!

Give me a break. WTF are they thinking. Filesharing isn't a threat to national security, maybe a threat to a few antiquated business models...
Next will come, "filesharing support terrorists" or "this is your brain on filesharing"

Vonage screwed by patent, film at 11

Another example of how our broken patent system is crushing innovation talked about over at techdirt. Maybe this is what we need, maybe a big company like BlackBerry or Vonage needs to stand by their guns and when they lost a case like this, pay the fines and simply shut down within days of the ruling. When half a million consumers suddenly find themselves without cell service or long distance perhaps that would be enough to get them off their collective lazy back sides and get them to contact their congresscritter about patent reform.....

Illinois Department of Revenue Threatens Man Over Alternative Fuel Use

We are in an energy crisis right? Our President has asked us to curtail our dependency on foreign oil right? So converting your car to bio-diesel would be a great idea right?

Imprisioned by your own body? Or Big brother?

Found this over on Digg. I cant imagine this poor guys frustration!

US Citizen Quarantined For LifeA young man sits in a locked room in the detention ward at Maricopa Medical Center, under sheriff's guard. He is not allowed a TV a cellphone or visitors. A video camera catches his every move. He has been isolated here for eight months and is expected to remain much longer, perhaps until he dies. But Robert Daniels is not charged with any crime.


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