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Monsanto and the state of Pennsylvania crying over spilt milk

So you like your milk right? Most folks without lactose intolerance do. Do you hang on the side of the fence thats not thrilled by artificial hormones pumped into cows to make them produce more milk? Me neither.

Why it was Stupid of us to buy a Garmin GPS

Ok we made a boo boo and to keep me from making the same stupid mistake again I am pasting some email here to my blog so in the future if someone asks me "Why shouldnt we buy a Garmin StreetPilot or nüvi GPS?" I can refer back to this and remind myself. So if you're not me you shouldnt bother to be reading this ;-) the real problem with this GPS and updates is below.

Dear [redacted],

Thank you for contacting Garmin International,

Unfortunately your unit is a unit with limited memory storage for the
entire 2008 NT mapping. Due to this limitation of the unit, these units

Hey look Centex homes, no press is bad press unless you screw someone out of a house you annouced they won in front of thousands

Nuff said, check this out...

Home 'Winner' Says Prize Taken Away - Portland News Story - WMTW Portland

"Congratulations, Veronica Melita Baca. Her Key Opened the Door," they read.

"This is the day that I won the house. This is the day that my key opened the door and the fireworks went out. This is a lucky day. A dream come true. And to see myself like this, it seems like now it's just a nightmare. And they have caused this to me. I don't deserve this,"

Bye RAW almonds, since you will likely no longer ever be available.

Check this out. Those who would protect you from yourselves now want to make almond producers pasteurize their product and allow them to still call it raw. Check the link above out and send off a letter! Below is mine.

I find this to be an utter outrage.

Watch out at WalMart pharmacy, you need to know more than the pharmacist

No problem controlling shopping urge at WalMart, at least for prescriptions in the future. Matter of fact 2 days ago we were there to pick up 3 prescriptions for my daughter. Dropped them off at 3:40 and they said they would be ready in an hour and 15 mins. My wife being frugal asked if there were generics of any of the prescriptions, they said yes the liquid antibiotic had a generic and they wold be happy to issue that. So we came back at 5:00. They then quoted us 5:15 (wife started to get angry).

Update On The Convicted Child Molester Who Hung Out With A 'Mommas' Group

Some of the court documents have been posted to the web in this case and can be had here. I wont reproduce the documents here because they contain the kids names in plain sight and not redacted.

Cop looking for notoriety winds up looking like an idiot.

Gotta love this, can you tell the cop was looking for a reason to pull it over.

"Officer Korey Lankow caught up to it and ran its “Y-U-M-M-Y” license plate to make sure it was street legal."

Nice guy just looking for an excuse to get his 15 minutes of fame. I call that fame profiling, where are my supporters we can start a whole new movement.

Dvorak Uncensored » Cop pulls over Wienermobile as stolen!!

Hide those wallets, FTC has said we should trust the market and dont need Net Neutrality

Well the likes of AT&T have been lined up at the gate for what 2 or 3 years now? And here it goes. The race that is to see who can screw consumers faster. The FTC has decided since there hasn't already been a "significant market failure" that we don't need protection from every tom dick and harry setting up a tool booth on the information super highway. Thats right they want to charge you more for faster and/or more data and our government has just given them the green flag.

Way to go Arkansas Police! You rock!

Congratulations Arkansas Police on a job well done. Nothing like putting a choke hold on a desperate criminal who isn't even resisting you. While skate boarding may be against some silly ordinance in that town god forbid someone do something really nasty like jaywalk, why I bet that would be a shootin offense.

Digg - Police Brutality on 13 yr-olds Including a Girl-For Skateboarding (w/ Vid)

Barney Fife does it again, man covered in gas gets shot with taser, mysteriously busrts into flame.

I cant even begin to imagine WTF these cops were thinking.

Lieutenant Curtis Milbourn says Lopez had a can of gas and a lighter in his hand at one point.

Milbourn says Lopez tossed gas at officers, but no one was hurt.

Texas Rangers are investigating whether a lighter found at the scene
could have contributed to the fire and whether a Taser can ignite


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