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You think you're special or something?

So today, we had a good day. Went and hung out at my in laws, and then stopped at our favorite buffet on the way home, lets for the sake of the company call it Silver Pen. As we were finishing up our meal, our waitress (lets caller her Clair) was cleaning the table next to ours. She was discussing how her night had been with another waitress(lets call her Beth).

Clair: So how have your tables been?
Beth: Oh let me tell you about my table that just left!
Clair: Oh Oh. What happened?!?

AT&T Desperate for cash?

Looks like AT&T is looking for fast cash by changing their billing methodology for long distance...

The new AT&T - Your World. Delivered.

Dear Valued Customer,

Save Wall Street Or Let Them Fail?

Save them using whatever means are needed!
13% (1 vote)
Let them fail like any other private enterprise who makes a bad decision!
88% (7 votes)
Total votes: 8

Bailout, welfare for Wall Street. Part II. Getting the finger from your representatives.

Ok so I got my official canned response from Saxby Chambliss. I'll include the whole response below but first here is the part that makes me want to scream....

Bailout, welfare for Wall Street.

I understand that this is a huge issue and my black and white viewpoint on this may be unpopular.

When I make an investment its a choice, I may choose to invest in a money market account, or in Stock for XyzCorp. It's my choice. If I want to invest in something high risk then I need to be aware I may loose my investment. That is the definition of risk.

When is Hershey's chocolate not chocolate? NOW!

Well according to an ABC news story Hershey's has begun transitioning products to more cost effective Vegetable Oil in its 'frankenchocolate' instead of using cocoa butter as required by FDA labeling for a product labeled chocolate. Some of you may recall I have already covered that they were trying to get the labeling guidelines changed so they could change the ingredients without telling anyone.

This is not for your health.

This is not to lower the price for you.

Groceries, be it downsizing or shrink ray, in the end its your backside thats going to feel it

Over at The Consumerist they are running a story about the Grocery Shrink Ray hitting food stuffs in the UK. They have already been running nearly daily stories about the shrink ray and what it means to consumers but this one story has an apologist for the industry that just stroked the wrong nerve in me. His name is Alex Beckett and here is what he said that bothered me.

Schools, Education and the undermining of it by socialist nutjobs.

I was minding my own business surfing the web tonight and came across an article that pissed me off so bad... It was about how our schools suck. Having a daughter who will be in first grade next year and who has attended pre-k and kindergarten at the very same school I gave it a whirl. I have to tell you that after reading this pile of crap I wouldn't line my birdcage with it. So since I like to dispute bullshit here goes.

Publix you just blew it. Letting the grocery shrinkray cut your yogurt size 25%

Ok, lets face it the sinking ship that is our economy is going down faster than an intern at the White House during the Clinton administration. One of the ways that the creators of consumer products is coping with this is by shrinking your product sizes quietly, without fanfare and charging you the same price. If you weren't aware of this practice take a look at The Consumerist and their section on the shrinking sizes of the products you use.

Pulling the Bullshit alarm on Mouseprint Story about Bayer Aspirin with Heart Advantage ( Phytosterol )

It's not very often nowadays that I outright sound the bullshit alarm so maybe this will have more umph!

Over at Mouseprint they usually have a great deal of 'good' consumer information. However on this one I think they are being led by three blind mice.


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