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The Fast Food and the Furious

A texas woman faces 20 years in prison for her part in running down a fast food worker. Seems this bumper car bimbo got a bit pissy when the fast food establishment forgot her Mayo. Seemingly an argument insued, the police were called and a store employee stepped out to get the womans plate #. The woman decided to take her aggression out on the person, ran her down and dragged her across the parking lot breaking her pelvis in the process. WTF would lead someone to do this over a $3 burger?!?!


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Hard to Find Gifts

Got someone who you just cant find something for? Try here!

tshirthell (warning: not safe for work)

You've got........Spyware!

In the story reported here, a very interesting question comes to light. A guy steals a computer, installs or uses the AOL software on it to log into his AOL account. Next thing he knows the cops are have traqcked him down and know who he is and that he stole the computers. So just what private, personal unique information does AOL transmit about your machine when you connect?

Black Friday Deals

A few sites are posting info on the after Thanksgiving deals to be had. Here are a couple. Good Luck!



Computer Terminology is Rascist?

The story being reported by reason.com, here is so unbelievable I read it 3 times. According to the story some idiot in LA county California is stating the terms master/slave used in relation to computers is potentially to be considered derogatory and should be removed or he hints that LA will no longer purchase from vendors using the terms.


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