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Sleeping with the enemy

Ok, picture this if you will. Youre a big corporation, looking to dominate any market or use your product touches. The problem is you have a pesky big brother figure beating you down because youre getting too obvious about your domination. So lets try...I know, we will enlist the help of others, money is no object to us and these mercenaries will be more than happy to help if we line their pockets.

The new business model

Ok the patnet systems single greatest failing may not be its principals but the fact that lawers are allowed to have anything to do with the system. They seem to view a lawsuit as an effective mode of doing business. Take this guy here he seems to buy into it. So here it is in a nutshell, look around, find something vauge that you can possibly see being done in the future as a method. Patent it and wait for evoloution to occur. TaDa! You are now a technology business! What utter crap.

Ask a question, get treated like a criminal! Bye 1984, welkom 2004.

So you have a youngster in the house, and you like to buy them computer games. Well for GOD SAKE in the name of National Security dont you dare ask anyone about obtaining a flight sim!
This woman did ask and for her efforts the freaked out Staples employee called the cops who appeared at her home to investigate!!!! The sad part is that the tone of the swtory is that in the end everyone was ok with this? WTF!

News Sites

Like my own site I find edgy opinionated news to be of much more value than the vanilla facts.
Here are a few sites I find enjoyable.



Ok, in the I must be utterly clueless category comes this guy who thinks he can register http://www.mikerowesoft.com without any impact from MS. I understand its his name, and he probably thought it was pretty catchy. So if my name was Pepsee should I expect Pepsi to ignore the trademark laws that require them to 'vigorously' defend their tradmark and possibly lose it? Nope, I take a clue break and realize, my parents should have named me MoonPup if I wanted a name to use for my business that didnt infringe on a trademark.

Owning a Naming Convention Pat# 06671714

Well someone ath the PTO must have been bored on Dec 30, 2003 and picked up their rubber stamp instead of their crack pipe, or myabe they grabbed both. Whichever the case they again opened the door for frivilous litigation over something that has so much prior art its DISGUSTING.

FAO While Going Down the Tubes Still Screwing Customers

Well welcome back from the holidays everyone. I am sad to announce that FAO Schwarz while facing their second bankruptcy in a year still hasn't learned how to treat their customers. They are currently whoring a sale on their web site stating "EVERYTHING" is on sale. Unfortunately this is a BOLD FACED LIE.

CD Burning patented, Roxio being sued, other companies next.

Well here we go again. Yet another small company with no originality of their own has taken an idea and patented it. CD Burning. Now that a sufficient time has passed and the market has grown they will havest from the sweat of others hard work much like locusts, leeches or vermin. More on this can be found at news.com.

So this is an example of what happens when the story of David and Goliath is changed and David becomes a cowardly sniper.

Can't See the Forest for the Trees

Dunno how this got glazed over by the press and I never heard it but...

It seems in complying with providing IBM some of their source code SCO decided to send it to them, over a million printed pages of it via semi. Yes, you heard me right, the source that could have fit on a couple of CD's SCO decided to print and truck to IBM.

Holding Onto SCO Shares

Are you a SCO shareholder? If you are let me give you a piece of quick free advice. Get your ass over to Groklaw and do some homework. Read up on the legal strategy of the company you have invested in. You may find it reasonable to dump the SCO shares and buy something solvent and with more of a future like say FAO. At least they dont have anything Mickey Mouse. If you disagree with this, fine hold onto the shares, but if common sense wakes you, do what you need to do.


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