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QuickBooks For Dummies, Literally!

It wasnt too long ago that Intuit was in the news for their activation issues. Now (courtesy of TechDirt ) we learn the brain children at Intuit have 'sunset' (the offical geek term for abandoning a program) Quickbooks 2001. Wait, is that a steaming pile of horse $#@$ on the horizon where they rode off? Whats this mean to the average user?

Open Challenge To Bellsouth and Comcast

Dear BellSouth & Comcast,

I and my wife have tried for two days to get our new residence DSL service. While there is an RT (or Mini Slam) just down the street (less than 3000 feet) and confirmed customers on that street with DSL currently, you insist that DSL is unavalible. It seems that my part of the Street is fairly 'new' as far as residences go so it may need updating in your systems. Comcast also stops its service in the same area as the the termination of DSL avaliblity on our street.

Florida Woring on Taxing Home Networks

Ok this has to be the surest way I know for Florida to become a technolgical wasteland. But what else should we expect from the state that brought us hanging chad. If they let their hanging chad pass laws like this shit they deserve to pay.

Florida to Tax Home Networks.

G4 Lays off Entire TechTV Staff

Well it finally happened. TechTV got its walkin papers. Of all the misguided fucking arrogance. G4/Comcast should listen up.

Just because you have money, just because you can afford to buy something, doesnt mean that you should buy it or destroy it after you purchase it to reform it to your vision. Yeah TechTV has never been the cash cow QVC or HSN has been but that doesnt mean it's wise to piss off 45 million viewers.

Bellsouth DSL

Well almost changed DSL companies today. Changed my mind after reading the Bellsouth AUP. I pasting the letter I sent them below. Read it for yourself.

I just felt the need to let you know that your draconian policies cost you a customer today. I had planned on switching from Earthlink DSL to your DSL product. However, the following item in your AUP caused me to change my mind

“Reselling Service without express written consent from BellSouth, or offering any public information service using such accounts, such as running an e-mail server, Web server, FTP server, or proxy server is prohibited. Subscribers may not provide public or commercial information over such connections. BellSouth does offer BellSouth Internet for Business services for such purposes.

New York, I'm sure you wanted it this way...

Well you have to love a story like this. It seems this poor guy in New York has had a vanity plate for 19 years. Then out of the blue the department of motor vehicles tells him he wont be able to renew it. Why? Because 'they want to return it to the public domain'. Some allege that a politically powerful person wanted this plate. What was the magic attraction of this plate? Well it seems this license plate was one of 26 and contained only the leter "H". To make a long story short the guy sued to keep his plate. The court agreed they violated procedure trying to re-acquire this plate.

You invent it, I will patent it and sue the other copycats because my lawyers are faster :P

Well the modder community is getting it now. Antec has patented LED Fans. Wonderful. Awesome. Now they are asking sites to stop selling them, even better lets screw all the little mom & pop run modder shops by making them take a loss for their curreent inventory and limiting their choices to only our products or higher priced (than today) competitor products that pay us for liscenses. After all suing and liscensing is much cheaper than auctually manufacturing...

Comming Up a Winner in More Ways than One

Ok, want to prove youre a winner? Head over to HardOCP. Buy a raffle ticket or 3 for a dual opteron system ($10). The proceeds go to one of the folks who has been a contributor to the hardware community. His wife recently had a multiple strokes after the birth of their 4th child. Get more details from HardOCP so I dont get em wrong.

Reality may no longer exist at Macy's-Rich's

Ok, it's time for society to realize rewriting the English language and the meanings of words by including a handy dandy legal disclaimer has got to stop! I was looking for real clearance deals at Macy's today and was confronted with the following quote.

''Regular'' and ''Original'' prices are offering prices that may not have resulted in actual sales, and some ''Original'' prices may not have been in effect during the past 90 days.


Proof Stupidity Kills

Well this may not be fresh news but finally someone else has caught on that stupidity can be deadly.


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