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ZoneLabs playing with your attachments.

So youre concerned about your data and secuirity so you downloaded ZoneAlarm free for your system? You may want to rethink this choice if you use email...

Seems there is a bug in the MailSafe portion of the ZoneAlarm program. In at least some installations you can not turn it off!

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Ebay hoses PayPal service

Try this for a business model. Build a multimillion dollar online auction empire. Then buy up the company who was smart enough to setup a popular electronic payment system. Sounds like a great idea. Until you turn your IT department loose on what in many ways is in functionality an online banking site.

Those who have used eBay over the last few years in a steady manner will be aware of the numerous problems the online auction service has with their systems. While no online service is free of such turmoil, eBay has had more than their fair share. Problems range from sluggishness to incomplete search indexes that show only partial results leaving other people items unviewed to outright re-categorizing people’s auctions causing persons auctions to be totally missed by both browsers and searches.

Amazon Feedback/Ratings System Rendered Utterly Useless

So my wife and I have been seeing the TV spots for this new childrens educational toy. So we got online and went to Amazon to look at feedback and prices. What I found pisses me off to no end. Out of the 20 or so reviews for this product there were at least 5 that weren’t even reviews but questions from stupid ass people who hadn’t even bought the product!!! Amazon should not let anyone leave feedback for an item they didn’t purchase at Amazon.

Microsoft granted a patent for "Method of conducting an interactive competition"

Yep thats right. An interactive competition is now totally new! All your competition are belong to us. Obviously the USPTO is using the dart board method for approving patents nowadays. Uneffin believable. Thanks to

Ebay tries to appeal patent ruling

According to The Register, Ebay is trying to get a new trial regarding a patent ruling in a case filed by MercExchange. The patent involved covers...

Traditional Media Scared of Bloggers

Over at GeekNews they are reporting what sounds to be another case of old school not moving with the times. It appears Brokaw said the editorial(blogger) attacks on Dan Rathers 60Min II story a political Jihad.

Open Letter To Cerulean Studios

Well I hate to admit to it but occasionally I do make a mistake, and when I purchased Trillian that could have been one of them. Here is a post I recently made in their forums about how I feel on their product.

Ok let me start out with the standard disclaimer. This isn’t a troll, and it’s not an attempt to start a flame war. That said I doubt the developers will even see it so this is sort of a rhetorical venting.

Media Spin Out Of Control

Ok let me say I am a bout as American and apple pie as they come. Some of you may think this is hateful or anti-American but nothing could be farther from the truth. The hostage situation in Iraq is truly sad. A group of cowards, unable to come out from hiding behind their masks, much like they hid (and probably still hide) behind their mother’s skirts is yet again killing the Americans making their lives better. At least gangs in the US wear their colors with pride and IN PUBLIC, these cowards hide among women and children.

Identity Theft and your Information

Just a quick note. Identity theft is on the rise, thats a proven fact. Computers and technology can make this crime easier. What is worse is when the technology used as a tool though. Case in point. I am currently working on purchasing a house. 99% of everything is being handled through regular email. I shudder to imagine how many times my personal information has been passed around on the internet. Not just my name and the home address I am trying to purchase mind you but enough personal information to completely steal my identity.


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