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Some people are just looking for an excuse.

Some of you may be aware of the tragedy that took place here in Georgia last week. For those of you not up to speed a criminal (alleged) beat a sherif here in court, took her gun and then shot her, a judge and the court reporter then a cop in the street and later a customs agent who was innocently setting tile in his own home... He led the local authorties on a man hunt for over 24 hours. Now the person in question is a black male. I had the misfortune of tuning into AM 640 here (local talk radio) after a caller had called in and made a statement that is just plain sickening....

Stevia and the FDA

Well I have to say I found this sort of a suprise. It seems the FDA has an issue with a product that would have potentially great health implications for millions of Americans. That product is called Stevia. Stevia is an herb, that is very sweet, how sweet? Some extimate its sweetness at 150 to 400 times sweeter than sugar. And as a sweetener it is also virtually calorie free. Yet for some reason its on the FDA hit list. Read the story and decide for yourself.

Showtime Cancels Dead Like Me

Ok very personal bitch here. But those asshats over at showtime have canceled the only show that was worth a damn, Dead Like Me . You can find more info over at Deadlikemeonline.com an unofficial fan site(I think). If you liked the show get over there and signe the petition and send of some letters. And dont forget to dump your Showtime subscription while youre at it. I mean hell why pay for ages old movies, crap series and a marketing segment that completely ignores the customer.

Cool Sites To Visit

Here are some of the sites I like best. If you have one you like add a comment, just one thing. No affiliate links, no revenu generating links for yourself. Sorry this is for sharing information, not increasing your wealth.

How To Directory

Ran across this site a while back and just found it in my shortcuts. Knowledge Hound here is the site description in their own words.

Knowledge Hound is the Web's biggest directory of free how-to's. We also offer original content in our 'KH How2s' section, as well as in our newsletter. Learn how to do it today!

More copywrong legislation proposed

A story posted over at Wired has some truly scary implications about some upcoming legislation. Time to get on the horn, call your representatives, email them whatever. Why?

  • The bill lumps together several pending copyright bills including HR4077, the Piracy Deterrence and Education Act, which would criminally punish a person who "infringes a copyright by ... offering for distribution to the public by electronic means, with reckless disregard of the risk of further infringement." Critics charge the vague language could apply to a person who uses the popular Apple iTunes music-sharing application.

And here it comes......

Well the FCC may have finally bitten off more than it can chew. According to Susan Crawford's blog the FCC has issued a ruling stating they have regulatory power over "all instrumentalities, facilities, and apparatus associated with the overall circuit of messages sent and received via all interstate radio and wire communication."

Yet another ISP upset with Broadband Customers using Bandwidth!

Well according to an unconfirmed story at DSL/Broadband reports Shaw may be throttling bit torrent downloads. This is just the latest in the long series of ISP's who are GASP! upset at users who are using their broadband to its capacity. So the question arises, is it fraud (regardless of the AUP) to sell a capacity that you never intend to give?

Teach a Man to fish, and if that doesnt work ...

smack him on the head with one! Cool site found tonight.


Religion and Politics Do NOT Mix

Ok sometimes finding common sense in extremist groups can be frustrating. Take for example the recent ruling by the IRS that Christian Churches cannot pray for a particular candidate to win an election. This seems to have... upset some of the folks in the community as evidenced in the story at Christian News. They are bent and making stupid claims like the IRS is dictating how they can pray. Ok since it seems education may be lacking in this subject let me break it down for every idiot who just doesn’t get it.


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