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You Don't Conform, No Diploma and Public Humiliation For You!

FFS this is just getting plain STUPID. Wired News is reporting a young man had his Diploma witheld because he wore a BOLO instead of a TIE. What in the hell is this country coming to when assholes like this have control over our children. I can understand if he wore something OBSCENE or distracting like a strobe light, but FFS he wore a BOLO. It's a type of tie, dont agree, take a look at the wikipedia definition.

All Your Forecast Are Belong To Us

Well hows this for a high handed and shady one. AccuWeather has been sending out an email begging people to support some legislation. In the email they claim the following.

The Screen Savers may be dead, Long live TWiT

Well some good news. Some of the cast (the most importaint ones IMNSHO) of The Screen Savers have created a new show called This Week in Tech. The Screen Savers was one of the few true tech shows on telvision. When G4, a gaming network run by comcast bought out ailiing TechTv it sounded the death knell for for the show as sure as a back alley coathanger abortion. G4 (now G4TechTv) mangled the show into a teen targeted game and T & A show with hardly any worthwhile technical content. Then then even dumped the show name in favor of "Attack Of The Show". This was probably some soon to be in the unemployment lines middle management idea of trying to escape any stigmata left in The Screen Savers name.


Want to make this a cool web site? Then feel free to contribute. Lets face it there is no end of stupidtidy out there, and I cant personally be there to see every last bit of it. So come here and tell us about it! There isnt any better way to educate the unwashed masses than to inform them of what is PatentlyStupid.

Screw you Fox TV

Well yet again a TV network has canceled one of the few shows my wife and I enjoyed. So here is a big finger to you FOX I hope you accidentally sit on it. Only an asshole network would constantly pull and reinsert shows like FOX. Lord knows we really need another season of the Family Guy or some shit like that. If you care to write here you go;
Contact FOX about Tru Calling

Snail Mail to:
Gail Berman

If you don't want my apples then don't shake my tree.

Ok, big pet peeve here, and the title sums it up nicely. I used to have a sign that said just that over my desk at my work. My single biggest bitch in the world is wasting MY time doing something for SOMEONE ELSE and then having them piss all over it.

Yet Another School Acts Like It's Own Empire

News out of Columbus, a student was suspended recently after using his cell phone during his lunch. The school (Spencer High School in Columbus) evidently has a zero tolerence policy to using cell phones during school hours. They say they only even let them possess them on campus for students to use for cordinating with parents for after academic events. The student in question was talking to his mother, who is currently serving this country in Iraq.....

A Tiger By Another Name Is Just A Pu....

From the stupid side of things for the week, Apple computer is being sued by Tiger Direct for trademark infringement. Allegedly consumers are confusing a computer/component retailer with the upcoming Apple OS. In a move to protect the abjectly stupid...., Tiger Direct is suing over what is most likely people too stupid to use Google to find their way to Tiger's web site in the first place. Anyone stupid enough to confuse a retailer with an OS is also likely to climb into a cage with a real tiger.

Second Mortgages

Anyone got any good tips on second mortgages? I'm thinking about refinancing. Good a good lead on home equity rates? Advice on e loan sites?

Sometimes you just have to laugh!

following are reputedly replies included on Child Support Agency forms in the section for listing details about the father:


Regarding the identity of the father of my twins, child A was fathered by John Smith. I am unsure as to the identity of the father of child B, but I believe that he was conceived on the same night.


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