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A death sentence for shoplifting from Wal-Mart?

'I'm dying, I can't breathe, call an ambulance' were some of the last words from this dying man as he was detained by Wal-Mart employees for shoplifting. Utter insanity to think in this day and age none of the people who allgedly told the Wal-Mart employees to let him up had not the balls to call the police or do something to assist this poor man as he died a death most wouldnt wish on a dog. I hope his poor family gets a good lawyer and sues the hell out of Wal-Mart.

Bush administration is making a mistake.

Let me start off by saying I am no Bush basher, but I am afraid at this point his administration is making a grave mistake.

Are you a parent? If so would you like a way to make sure you can keep your kids from much more porn on the internet? I bet you would. The problem with that is the few methods available are not very precise. Online 'Nanny' programs don’t catch 100% of what’s out there and they really can’t be expected to. A new porn site is likely created every few minutes. Now lets assume we could perhaps influence pornographic sites to their own domain, one we could always block without even the help of the 'Nanny' software, sounds great doesn't it?

Burn the books err, the discs! Smash the Preses, err the servers!

Saw this story and it brings back old memories.

The above link is a page I created back in the 90's and I am sad to see that things havent changed much.

Great Customer Service!

In this day and age good customer service is hard to find. Awesome customer service is almost non-existant unless your name is Gates or you carry one of the Black American Express cards.

That makes what happened today all the more shocking! Today my wife had the ultimate in customer service. We have a preferred brand of bread, its called Ideal and is made by Flowers Bakeries. A small quote about the company;


Random Signatures For Outlook

Well most people at least know what Outlook is and a few even know about the limitations it has. One thing I think is utterly critical in a modern email application is the ability to handle signatures in a consistient manner.

Personally I am a quote nut, I love quotes, thats one of the reason the little quote block at the top of the page is here. I have over 40,000 of them on this site alone. Any way back to the topic at hand. I wanted a way to have Outlook randomly attach a signature but I also needed it to apply some standard canned text before and after the random portion. I scoured the web and ran accrossthis (note: the original appears to be down so the article now appears below) wonderful code authored by Ehsan Akhgari. With a few modifications this code met my needs however it had a habit of putting the portion of canned text to be placed after the quoted reply message. I did some research and discovered part of the problem is that natively Outlook doesnt expose a lot of its editor to outside code. I was at a loss until Google came up with Redemption!

No silly, not redemption the word, Redemption the ultimate Outlook accessability tool. This tool exposes Outlooks like Marilyn Monroe standing over a sidewalk vent! With a little work (and some newsgroup help from Redemptions author) I made a few changes to Ehsan's code and came up with the following.

Alibre, the CAD may be "FREE" but the speech isnt

Well things havent improved much in the free CAD offer from Alibre. Just to bring anyone who isnt in the loop up to speed.

Alibre, makers of commercial CAD products with names such as;
Alibre Design
Alibre Design Professional
Alibre Design Expert
Alibre Design Xpress

Which products they pitch as "Easy to Use 3D Mechanical Design Software"
And "The best choice for 3D MCAD"

Recently they started a web site where they were offering "free" CAD software for people if they got 100,000 folks to sign up. Needless to say people gathered up their disposable email addresses and signed up. Just as the limit was nearly reached the CEO announced the name of the product would be Alibre Design Xpress. It would have a limited feature set, and while you would be free to download it, you would be subjected to advertising. This is the defintion of adware.

Free CAD Software. Scam? Dishonest? Clever?

And this weeks award goes to Greg Milliken, CEO of Alibre! These guys through their brilliant marketing offer free CAD software. See they decided to offer a free copy of CAD software to folks if they could just get 100,000 sign ups by August 1st. Well they made it, and they also informed pepople that the 'free' software they will be getting is ADWARE.

Yes, you heard me right, it will be featuring ad content and will require an internet connection to download ads.

Show us your papers!

Well its finally happening. Imagine if you will please.

You get up and get ready for work in the morning.
You walk to the train station because you are a supporter of clean air and dont drive.
As you enter the train station everything appears normal, then a group of police officers approach you and demand that you show them the contents of your bag or leave.

Sound too incredible to be true? Sound an awful lot like some 1984 born nightmare?

The Supreme Court says you dont own your home

Ok I am so utterly pissed I cant even begin to think straight. The supreme court has decided that if a corporation wants your house and promises to improve your property they can pull emminent domain and take your home and compensate you at the fair market rate. The way I see this is that its a strike against free enterprise. If I owned a acre of land smack in the middle of land owned by a company wanting to build a shopping mall then the law of supply and demand should kick in and they should have to pay me whatever the hell I want for that land. Now they can pay me what is judged fair market and just take it. This is wrong for so many reasons I just cant explain it. The best quote I have seen is on slashdot.

Net Newbies Take Note! Tips Part I

Ok this one has been a long time coming. Are you new to the internet? Awash in all the stories about rootkit's trojans, spyware, viruses and the like? Well there is hope. Here is a quick guide of what to do and what not to do in order to keep your machine and possibly your identity and personal information a little safer.

Email can be a great tool. It can also be the bane of your existance if you dont handle it properly. Whether you are using Gmail, Hotmal, or just plain old POP email here are some simple tips.


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