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They think youre too stupid to parent so they are going to do it for you.

Heard this today and just can't imagin wtf they were thinking. The Center for Science in the Public Interest and The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood have joined a couple of parents to sue Kellogg and Viacom in order to force them to stop advertising sugary cerials on childrens TV shows.

The New Media Age

TiffanyCartiers was one of the first friends I ever made on StumbleUpon. She has for as long as I have known her, always had one of the best photoblogs on StumbleUpon. Tonight, as I was winding down for the night I wandered over to her blog because I find perusing her photos relaxing. And I find this post saying she is going to have to take her photos down! Reading on I see why.....

Symantec attacks competitor in clear cut case of monopolistic tactics.

Well seems something thats been a long time coming has finally come to pass. Symantec ( AKA Norton ) has in the past been drug kicking and screaming into the light like a Grue but it seems its happening again. Norton posted an article on their website claiming SpyBot S&D ( imho the single best Microsoft windows spyware utility )could cause damage to Norton Ghost images. So Norton advised the removal of the competing product, because of course paying for their product would be a much better alternative right? After all its not like Symantec would behave like Sony and Rootkit your machine would they? Take a look at the stories below and make your own decision.

Credit Card Ripoffs

Have you ever noticed how some credit card companies wont allow you to make a payment online once the payment is late? Isnt it funny how your login stops working the minute that happens? Its just amazing its almost as if they dont want your payment to make it.. Imangine that... Why that would be fraudulent.....

Students Suspended for Accessing a teachers pornographic screen saver..

Ok this is so rediculous I just cant believe that it hasnt been all over the national news. Some students were evidently using their techars laptop with her permission according to the students. A pasword dialog appeared asking what car they wanted to drive. The student entered the name of one and up pops a picture of a nude woman!

So being forward thinking whats the school do, why suspend the students of course! More info can be had here.

Amazon screws everyone again

Well Amazon is at it again. Yet another rediculous patent that has far reaching implications. As some of you may know from my past rants I am no big fan of Amazon or their reviews/ratings system. It's horribly worthless and easily manipulated. Well now they have been given a patent on it. Check out TechDirt for the skinny.

Not sure about the others but...

I've thought of a few things to say about this and that. But I must admit I feel intimidated by your well thought out comments. I'd feel like a blubbering idiot, lol.

My favorite...

Though, I'd like to see new "information" more often, I must admit that my favorite part of the site is the "Randomness" quotes.

I find when I am bored and can't find anything to do, I come here and read a few of those. Some make me think, others giggle. But either way, I like them. :)


Do you need to be protected from yourself?

I am so sick of it. Sick and tired of everyone trying to protect us from ourselves. I deal with it day in and day out. Bleeding hearts who seem to think they know what’s best for me. For their efforts I get a safer, more restricted life.

Got a match? Know how to use it? Good! Great! If you burn yourself though then that’s your own issue. Don't try to outlaw matches on my behalf because you think that since you got burned they are inherently unsafe. HERE go learn how to use them!


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