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BellSouth andAT&T should have to pay content providers

Well looks like techdirt.com has the right idea to me!!!Why Aren't The Telcos Paying Google For Making Their Network Valuable?Over the last few months, we've seen the heads of the remaining telcos talk about how Google and other big internet companies should be paying them extra and how they were getting getting a free lunch.

Bellsouth at it again, Monopoly anyone?

Well Bellsouth is still at it in New Orleans, hopefully this will open peoples eyes to the fact that BS and other telcos dont give one flip about their impact on joe consumer as long as they get to make a profit. Thanks to BBR for keeping this in the public eye.

BellSouth Wants New Orleans Network Shut Down - CIO: 'If I have to go to jail, I guess I will'

Voter group goes after Diebold

TechDirt has the dirt on a Voter group suing to block Diebold and their so-so certification of their voting machines in California. As I've always said, Diebold has too much of a hammerlock to just simply defeat. Someone is going to have to come up with something serious to dethrone them.

Support DMCA Reform - Help Pass HR 1201!

Look, young and old alike should be on the boat with this. Why would anyone want to have to constantly pay to see the same thing over and over again. If we did there wouldnt be anyone selling music or cd's in the first place, we would only rent our media when we wanted it.Look, young and old alike should be on the boat with this. Why would anyone want to have to constantly pay to see the same thing over and over again. If we did there wouldnt be anyone selling music or cd's in the first place, we would only rent our media when we wanted it.Support DMCA Reform - Help Pass HR 1201! - Congress is now considering the Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act (DMCRA, HR 1201), a bill that would amend the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to allow circumvention of copy protection for non-copyright-infringing uses. This would finally allow us to legally backup our DVDs and DRM'd music. Follow the link and contact your local representative! [Digg]

Food Advertisers Take Note

Ok, look. All you idiot advertising types out there listen up. Over the past several years there has been a proliferation of disguising fast food commercials. What am I referring too, well lets start with the ones that make you listen to the crunchiness of their food as if the damn microphone was in the jerks mouth! For gods sake if I want to listen to 50db of chewing sounds I will go chew on some 10 penny nails!

Hampton Bay and Home Depot, nice, cozy and ready to ream you.

Ok I admit on this one I may be partly at fault. A little over a year ago my wife and I bought our first house. It was hell, pure and simple, from insurance to mortgage, to closing etc. Before we moved in we did some home improvement. We painted the house and cleaned carpets and installed some ceiling fans. Now I admit I didn't keep ever receipt we generated and some were probably tossed while we moved in.

The fans are Hampton Bay fans, what I thought to be a reputable, reliable brand who stood behind their product with a Lifetime Warranty. HAH. Read on...

Britney Spears! OPPPSSS stupid again

OK so here she is being stupid again! You can read the story and photos here http://www.celebritynooz.com/celebrities/britney_spears_driving.html
1ST I would like to say if this was just any one they would have there child taken. But because she is a POP star and rich she will walk away free and clear! Not only did she risk her child's life being stupid, she is seen laughing and smiling! This is a person that has lied about every thing from implants to smoking to sex before marriage! And now she is a parent with no brain... why is it we stand by and watch celebrities do things we wouldn't let others do and get away with? Why is it they are above the law because they sing, star in movies, sports stars? I don't view them as any better then the rest of us! They put there clothes and shoes on the same way we do! If nothing more then a ticket for no seat belts then FINE she has the money to pay it! Why hasn't the STATE of CA stepped in a done something! Why haven't the PEOPLE of CA called for some action to be taken and her charged with child endangerment? If you hit her would you want her child’s death on your hands because she is to STUPID not to have her son in a safety seat?

H & R Block TaxCut Visa card update

Ok here is the skinny on the H & R Block Visa card and the problems we had.

Through their online tax program ( TaxCut ) H & R Block is offering free efile service this year, IF you are willing to take your federal tax refund as a prepaid Visa card. The deal sounds pretty good if you read up on it here;


The problem is, some of the faq's listed are totally incorrect. Here is what we have found out.

Thinking of Efiling taxes? Stay Away from H & R Block TaxCut and their Visa Debit Card Refund!

Well the wife and I are in mid process of being jerked around by H & R Block on our taxes. We filed electronically on their website using their TaxCut product. Currently as an incentive they are offering free filing if you accept their prepaid Visa debit card in leiu of a check or direct deposit. If you are thinking about this DONT DO IT if you expect to get you money in any kind of timely manner. Will post more details later, but lets just say between my wife and I there has been collectively over 3 hours of phone time trying to find out where the heck our refund cards are that were supposed to arrive in approximately 5 days.

The belly Flap

The nastiest thing to be seen! Over weight people with belly fat hanging over there low rise jeans, and belly shirts! HOW can any one think this looks good! ANY ONE!??? I mean Please some one enlighten me on why girls/women do this?? It makes me want to pour bleach in my eye's.. If your gut hangs over your waist band of your pants PLEASE do us all a favor and cover it UP! I promise it's not sexy, cute, HOT, makes men want you more.


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