The Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon Us

So you don't believe it? You don't believe that a bunch of virtually mindless, slow moving, hordes of creatures with no life are consuming our society right now? You don't believe that every day this horde grows by assimilating others who are too slow and weak to defend themselves? It's the absolute truth. Who is one of their latest victims?


For those not in the know, Buckyballs are super strong little magnets that you can play with and make shapes from arranging them etc. They are meant as an adult play toy especially since the first injuries from magnet related toys happened prior to 2006. They are not meant for kids, they have copious warnings. Despite this the zombie hordes of morons have been called forth to attack them. The end result is Buckyballs are going away. Why? Because the zombie hordes were incapable of proper parenting and their children were injured. That means they aren't safe for anyone. That means the zombie horde has had their way and destroyed this product.

So whats next? Household cleaning products of course. All those nifty little pod type detergent items that are so hot now. It seems once again the zombie hordes are too incapable to keep these out of their kids hands and once again the CPSC is saying they are too dangerous. So the zombie hordes will overrun these companies till these products are taken from us too. At this rate, we will all be as safe as the 2 year olds that the zombie hordes cant take care of on their own.

So there is your proof the zombie apocalypse is here now. Arm your selves, fortify yourself with lots of common sense, be alert, and above all, get some Twinkies while you still can!