Using the GPL as a sledge hammer

The GPL is one of the best inventions of our lifetime. It's a powerful way to make sure that code that started out shared must stay shared in some cases, and protects that code in others. What I hate to see though is when some asshole decides since he cant manage to compile some stock source that obviously it was changed in order for the executable/object code publisher to create it. Case in point a thread over at XDA-Developers the dev opend the thread to share info about his app and take comments, questions, and suggestions. If you look at post 91 instead of asking a question he effectively walks in to the conversation, hits the auther over the head with the GPL and DEMANDS the souce used to compile it like a petulant child. So the Author answered and locked his thread.

The GPL was meant to be a tool to truth not a crowbar to rip someones hard work from them. Yet I see this happen often and quite often it is an incorrect interpretation as well. I wont bother with examining this one as the whole tone just pissed me off.

This is what costs us respet and developers people, dont be a douche and accuse first. Just because you were incapible doesnt mean its impossible.