Never buy anything from Toshiba as they will never admit to possibly having defects

We bought our daughter a Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5300 laptop for Christmas, to make a long story short it was broken when we opened it. Toshiba refused to fix it stating the damage was "outside normal wear" and was our fault, demanding we pay over $325 for the repair. They then had the audacity to send me a survey. Here is what I sent them.

We bought a laptop for our daughter for Christmas early due to sale prices. We got what we thought was a good deal at $267, boy were we wrong. When she opened it Christmas morning, it had a dim spot near the top of the screen, didn't think it was a big deal. A couple days later I was working on it(setting up her email), closed it, and left it on the kitchen table. I went and got some water, came back opened the laptop and there was a huge black mark that indicates a broken screen. Obviously the screen was defective but you refuse to accept that, and wanted to force use to pay more to replace the screen than the laptop cost new. This laptop was not dropped, abused or hit while in our possession and you still insist that its our fault it was damaged. They insisted, either pay or no repair. Since we were not at fault on this, we refused to pay and asked the laptop be shipped back immediately. We were then told it couldn't that you would only ship it back in 4 days. Why did you hold it hostage? I will NEVER again buy a Toshiba product, I will forever tell people about this horrible experience. Your people refused to admit it could have been defective. Come on, really? Do you honestly believe you produce perfect products 100% of the time? As an IT professional for 18 years I have never had a company so blatantly wish to destroy a customer relationship, but I can assure you that I will become the most vocal anti Toshiba person you have ever met. I will always push my company IT department to never use such a shoddy and ill warrantied product. You have done more than disappoint a little girl, you have turned a family against your products for life. As for your repair depot people they are totally heartless and non compassionate. I was assured by other IT professionals that your products, support and warranty were great, I have already been informing them how wrong they are.

Don't buy Toshiba products ever.