Do not buy a Samsung Cell Phone, They do not care about US customers.

Samsung, I have purchased one of your products for the last time. Your level of greed is disgusting to me, to treat the end users of YOUR device so poorly is an abomination. Yes, when they buy a subsidised product from a Telco we are their customer but we are also yours. You develop the platform, you produce the software, and you, are ultimately behind my dissatisfaction. It is your fault in the end. You could release the updates we want and deserve, we put our faith in you providing us with a platform you would provide updates for you and spit in our face.

There are many rumors and theory's about why you are holding back the Froyo update when you have released a device already with Gingerbread. The Nexus S while not truly your device, is your hardware, however it will get timely updates as you're not responsible for those updates.

The latest rumors state its because you want the carriers to pay, calling Froyo a feature update, forgetting the buggy GPS you have told us you would fix. Oops forgot about that GPS issue did you? Let me remind you today if you google "Samsung galaxy S GPS problem" you get 1,040,000 results, google "iphone 4 antenna problem" and get 1,000,000 results. The only difference? for some reason the media has lat you fly under the radar. Hopefully that's about to change. I for one am done waiting for the updates you so greedily are holding back while having provided them to other countries. Yes we are not stupid, we have watched, there are many people working on different roms to work on these phones to make them better, all the while you are selling millions of them, taking peoples money and people are mistakenly thinking that you will be a fair and just company and provide updates for your products, what fools we were, but no more.

Over the past month you have been tooting your own horn about how successful your latest interactions with users over social media have been. Just how do you measure success Samsung? There are thousands of posts that go unanswered because they ask where our updates are and you constantly feed us lies about next month. Your social media strategy is not a success when I pull up your Facebook page and get an entire screen full of people complaining about wanting their update! If you are ignoring selectively the dissatisfied users then you will one day fail because our numbers are growing, patience is wearing thing and loyalties be damned! Your only recourse which would save you some face with those who already feel burned is to release the updates. You will save some but not all.

You are making money hand over fist but that's because there is neat new technology in your hands, the minute others have it on the market, and CES showed they will outpace you quickly, then you will be a second class player with a horrible reputation for screwing people over for updates. Way to go Samsung, again if this is your idea of success then good for you. Personally I am making it my mission to inform the public how you will treat them, as are others. I will cost you every sale I possibly can, using only the truth. Sadly that will be all I need.