How to rob people in the Android market

Some well meaning fool recently decided that it would be better if the Android market had a 15 minute return policy. This was the stupidest damn move ever. It used to be 24 hours, quite a fair time frame. Now however if your an app developer you can game the system. I was shown how in what I hope was an unintentional fashion by the people who did the Quake 3 port. I wanted to try this to see how it would perform and play on my Captivate but didn't see a trial, so I purchased it figuring I could try it and return it. I purchased the app and downloaded it, or so I thought.

I launched it and it turns out all I had downloaded was a launcher. I hit the button to launch the game and it told me there were additional downloads to do. So I figured ok, I have a 20Mbit internet connection at home and was connected over wifi. Lets go for it....

16 minutes later the download was done, when I tried the game it worked but is relatively unplayable without a keyboard and my phone doesn't have one. So I tried to get back into the market to get a refund but it was too late. This spawned the idea.

Write an app, any app, post it to the market. Have it force a post market purchase download or setup screen that stays up on screen for more than 15 minutes. Bingo you now have a 0% return rate or very close to it.

The 15 minute window is part of a broken system and Google needs to rethink it to something more reasonable. Say an hour.