Kohl's Your Gift Wrap Attempt was Pathetic

Here is a letter I sent the Consumerist;

Hey Consumerist!

I am writing to tell you about my recent final online order with Kohl's.com. As a working stiff finding time to shop for my wife can be hard, when our 8 year old daughter said she wanted to get her momma a $50 gift card to Kohl's I told her it was a great idea. So we managed to sneak off one afternoon and order the card online. She picked the card that had the breed of dog my wife likes and the wrote her a nice note ( she typed it in and spelled it all her self). We selected the $5.95 gift wrap/box option. Figuring that while I can buy a roll of wrapping paper and a roll of scotch tape for less than $5.95 it would be a time saver and we wouldn't have to do it (I'm not an artist at it anyhow) if it arrived at the last minute (we ordered on 12/10/10). Today (12/21/10) the rather large shipping box arrived. Attached is a picture of the package and its contents in summary;

One gift card stuffed in a box with batting, with a silver Kohl's sticker on the outside of the already branded box.

A large envelope marked www.kohls.com Gift Portfolio, this held the white sheet laid out in the photo, its a gift invoice. In the middle of the gift invoice (surrounded in a red outline) is the sweet message my daughter typed. Also in the envelope is the slick side of the sheet that had the shipping labels for the bigger shipping box(inside the big box in the photo), in other words trash.

I feel very bad for putting Kohl's to such expense, having them send me branded gift card, a Branded Invoice, a Branded Envelope, a Branded Box, with a Branded sticker and for me and my daughter to have the audacity to expect them to put 12 square inches around that box and maybe a tiny printed gift tag too.

We are sorry to have expected so much from you Kohl's no worry, in the future we wont be troubling you with our petty needs. We will take our several thousand dollars a year in shopping to someplace not so busy or strapped for supplies. In the end my daughter and I wrapped the box as best we could, cut out her personalized message, taping it to our now wrapped box and threw out the rest of the Kohl's advertising.

BTW Here is how Kohl's describes the Gift Box/Wrap option on their FAQ ( http://www.kohlscorporation.com/customer_service/GiftServices/GiftServices.html#giftbox/wrap )

"Kohl's gift box or gift wrap
Sit back, relax and let us take care of your gift wrap needs! Depending on the size and shape of your gift,* we'll either use an elegantly embossed Kohl's gift box, or we'll wrap your gift item in gift wrap specially designed to suit the occasion. On all wrapped and boxed items, we'll add an attractive bow and ribbon.

*If the item cannot be gift boxed or wrapped, it can still be sent as a gift with a gift message printed on the gift receipt at no charge!"

Attached find screen shot of my order showing the two items, and a picture of the shipped items.

Please feel free to publish any/all of this if you'd like.

Richard Ahlquist