An Open Comment to Motorola

Just wanted to further share a comment I made to whomever runs the Google Android OS account on facebook recently...

@Google Android OS While you do have some valid points, one point everyone seems to miss on this is that if there was a full acceptance of modding then a lot of the bricked phone issues would go away. Not all but 80% or more.The life cycle of cell phones is horribly small. In addition to that its been proven that once a phone hits the streeets most R&D and enhancement STOPS. This is stupid. Look at the console game market and the fact that years after they come out developers are still able to squeeze out new advancements and eek out everything from the hardware possible. In a lot of cases with this other disposable hardware like cell phones unless there is an egregious issue the device is never enhanced beyond release even if they are incredibly capable.

Prohibitions cause their own resistance and rebellion. The proven strength in the home PC movement was the open platform allowing you to have 4 serial ports and me to have 4 hard drives and to run what software I want and customize how I want. There is no one who can argue some of the things modders have brought to the table are desired or beneficial to the users, heck some have even been incorporated by the manufacturers at a later date! Look at Samsung, they get it! They have listened to everything the community has had to say on the GPS issues with the Galaxy line of phones and have passed that on to their R&D to try to assist with fixing the issue. The strengths of XDA-Developers site alone should give companies a clue that this isnt a small movement.
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Some of the ROM threads for individual phone models have Millions of views.

What Motorola has effectively said is if I catch you playing with my toys in a way I dislike then I will take my toys and leave. What you're talking about here in the end is freedom. We want our freedom to do what we want when we want. I understand corporations like Motorola and Google shouldn't have to bear the cost of our failed experiments and I agree if someone bricks their phone through error then yes that should be that users problem. Solution? Embrace the community and make it as unbrickable as possible! How many blu-ray players get bricked on a daily basis and the users using them and updating their firmware are arguable less savvy than someone who has managed to locate a modded rom for their phone.

In the end people will always want and eventually fight for their freedoms and in some cases that means they will eventually just TAKE the freedoms they want. Just ask the music industry how trying to stop people from doing what they want works. I don't understand why large companies loose sight of making the customer happy by letting them use the product they bought how they want. Fortunately we have a community out there who will help us even if the big bully companies will not.