An open letter to the AJC and its advertisers

A letter I penned to the AJC. Tried to send it to NewsAmerica but their web forms for email are so damn broken I couldn't even send it.

My wife is an avid coupon user and as such routinely buys the double bundles of papers you offer at walmart. I have to say that the reliability of the coupons in these papers are horrible. Today we picked up two double bundles since there was allegedly over $550 in coupons. Imagine our displeasure at getting home and finding only a single Smart Source bundle in each of the Sunday papers and none in the Sunday early editions. So out of 4 papers we got 2 sets of Smart Source coupons. With a huge blue wrap around a double bundle proclaiming "double the coupons" this is just ridiculous. This is the reason people in our county laugh about the AJC is because they are so unreliable. Maybe you could get better subscriber numbers if you could get some better reliability. I'm sure the advertisers don't like paying for distribution that never happens either.
Richard Ahlquist
Systems Analyst