Health Care Reform, Random Thoughs From An Average Guy

Are you for or against health care reform? Then you are STUPID!

There, now some of you will read that and say ummm, ok, he said whether we are for or against health care reform we are stupid, why would he do that? Some of you are now in a blind rage because I attacked your side of the argument. Regardless of your position for a good percentage of you I have made a point.

If you're letting your emotional response rule your reaction you deserve everything you get in this. Your immediate reaction to an attack is instinctual and its Fight or Flight just like you learned in 8th grade biology. So now by calling all of you stupid I either made you leave, or you are now braced and entrenched in your personal stance and all keyed up, ready for the next assault against your beliefs. It is an emotional issue to be sure, there is no doubt on that. Regardless of your position this entire debate is about the quality of life for everyone. It's about the quality of life for the person who cant afford health care and needs to go see a Dr. for his sinus infection. It's about the quality of life for the retiree who is suddenly faced with a potentially whole new ballgame. Its about the quality of life for the single mome working at a busy office in the day and a burger joint at night just trying to make ends meet who will now have one more deduction from her check.

Regardless of who you are these changes will in some way affect your life. So what should we do? Well what we should not be doing is letting our anger and fear be getting the best of us. We should not be going to town hall meetings and be getting emotional. Yes you heard me right. ME, who invented this web site so I can on a regular basis vent about things that irk me, I am telling you to STFU and listen calmly.

Are you calm yet? No..., really, I can wait.....

Ok, no matter what side you're on with this plan, the solution is simple. Yelling and bitching and screaming and ranting is going to do only one thing, the same thing I did at the beginning of this post.

It will entrench the loyal and run off the could care less types. If you're still reading at this point there is hope for you yet. You're letting your logic, your thirst for knowledge, or just plain 'ol curiosity override your emotions. That is a good thing. You are the people I want to talk with.

We have a participatory government. That means that this legislation, not yet law is open to your input assuming you gather sufficient percentages of people and present your case to the people elected to represent you. Yes, I have heard of lobbyists, yes I am aware that you are just one guy/girl and feel utterly ineffectual. That's all perfectly clear.

Whats not clear is why you aren't using your head. You obviously have a computer (unless a friend printed this for you) and you have something that at least resembles free speech and free thinking. Do something about your concerns, get the answers, organize and hash out what you think would be better. Make this solution that has been drafted actually work.

All too often nowadays we Americans seemingly think our duty to our government ends on election day and on tax day. It does not. Your participatory government needs your input, constantly.

If you just sit back then you have no room to bitch. If you just bitch then you better sit back and enjoy the ride because you're not helping either.

Get up and do something. Even if its just a 5 sentence email to your representative telling them your position! Let them know. Here is what I plan to do.

I will be writing my representatives, and letting them know that while I want no person to sit at home and stew in their own sickness, I am sick of handouts. Sick to fucking death of them. I have busted my ASS for 20+ years now, I have no likelihood of retirement anytime soon, I will probably work till I am at least 65. One of the reasons I have so little to show for my years working are the leeches in society. Let your heart bleed all you want liberals, and let yours freeze all you want conservatives, that's right I fall into neither category. For the past 20+ years I have been forced by my government to care for others. Maybe from a societal moral standpoint its the right thing to do, but I don't like beings forced to do so and here it comes again. I get up work my butt off and have little to show for it, while there are leeches out there having 3, 4, 5 ,6 kids when they cant even afford even one. So who foots the bill? Well I do, and many others who go out and work our butts off to not only put food on our own table but the table of ever person who doesn't try to work, who cant work, or who has lost their job. So I will be telling my representative if he wants me to continue to foot the bill for the non working they are going to have to contribute to society. I don't care if its a quadriplegic reading to nursing home patients, people missing their legs stuffing envelopes for the government, or agoraphobics making customer service calls for the newly reformed health care. Damn it! I want them to contribute, if I am going to be forced to give, then so should they. They should be required to provide something of value back to us, no matter how basic it may seem. Something to offset the cost of their healthcare, if not then all we have done is expand welfare and allowed these people to continue to prosper off the teats of the working class. Virtually anyone can contribute something of value. Im not going to address every point of this legislation, that's not my intent. What I am going to do is provide feedback on the parts I dont like or want to actually see expanded. That is my duty to my goverment, and by comign off as a calm rational human I will be more likely to get the attention of my government than if I scream in a town hall meeting.

At the current time I am reminded of a quote from Thomas Jefferson. It says;

"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government. Whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights." --Thomas Jefferson to Richard Price, 1789.

We are not well informed at this point. There are too many questions left unanswered. If there is one thing we should all be able to agree on, as people responsible not only for our own destines, but through the growth of our society as a whole, being responsible for the well being others, we should all be able to agree that more calm rational discussion is needed.