Apple Pisses On Green Movment In Favor of $$$$

Yep you got it, you have probably already heard this but let me recap it for you from an angle you may not have considered. Apple has released a new Ipod Shuffle. Its the smallest one yet.

It has one fatal flaw though.

Its so small that it has no controls on the unit, they are on the headphone cable. Still not a huge deal because you figure you could use a headphone adapter of some sort and still have functionality?


Apple has included a special chip for communication with the remote and headphones and is requiring manufacturers to pay them to license the coded needed to talk toi this chip. So quick throw out all those headphones you had in the past as they are now worthless! So much for being concenred about being green eh!

Throwing proprietary hardware with liscene fees in the face of open standards is nothing short of saying "Hey we are apple we cant charge you enough for the iPod so we will ream you on the proprietary accessories!".

Do you know the Billions of tons of waste that could be eliminated from our landfills if all the MP3 players and all the phones in the world sat down and agreed on a single interfae for charging and data transfer. Instead we have thousands of differing interfaces. And for each interface hundreds of companies who make accessories from cheap to expensive.

So remember before you fall for the bullshit that Apple cares about the environment, remember they care about money more.


A little white lie here and there never hurt the planet... not.roulette online poker casino blackjack online video poker online movie downloads horse race betting iphone wallpapers play slot machines online