Windows 7 upgrade for Windows XP users

Well some of you know I am a big Linux advocate, but I also realize that other OS's have their own niche and we cant always be ripping Windows "from their cold dead hands" every day.

The gains by Linux will be gradual barring something dramatic like MS putting significant spy ware or back doors into Windows and getting discovered.

The good news is Windows 7 seems very nice and in an additional bit of luck Computerworld is reporting that Windows XP users will be able to purchase an upgrade copy of Windows 7. Unfortunately though as I read their article here I was horrified by what has to be one of the crappiest pieces of editorial content in a story in a long time. Granted Computerworld is not your typical n00b content but this comment should make anyone take a second look.

February 3, 2009 (Computerworld) Microsoft Corp. today confirmed that it will sell what it calls "upgrades" for Windows 7 to users running the aged Windows XP operating system.

Those users, however will have to do a "clean" installation of Windows 7, meaning that all data on the machine will be lost.

All data on the machine will be lost? Umm dont make it too horrifying for users guys. Oh my side why not just say "If your thinking about upgrading kiss your valuable memories and data good bye!"

Crap writing. You gotta love it. Now if you excuse me I am still in search of that millionth monkey in the blogscape who will produce something worth reading.


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