You think you're special or something?

So today, we had a good day. Went and hung out at my in laws, and then stopped at our favorite buffet on the way home, lets for the sake of the company call it Silver Pen. As we were finishing up our meal, our waitress (lets caller her Clair) was cleaning the table next to ours. She was discussing how her night had been with another waitress(lets call her Beth).

Clair: So how have your tables been?
Beth: Oh let me tell you about my table that just left!
Clair: Oh Oh. What happened?!?
Beth: I had this table and they were eating and the Dad was sharing food off his plate with one of his kids they didn't buy a plate for, so I did exactly what I am supposed to do and went and told the manager. So Bryan comes out and tells them
Bryan: "Look I'm sorry but you're going to have to go up front and purchase a plate for your child. We cant just let you come in and buy one plate and feed other people with it."
Customer: "Oh I don't believe this! I can't wait for Obama to get elected president so that ya'll will have to quit treating us like this!"
Bryan: "I am sorry, but Mr. Obama has nothing to do with Silver Pen corporate polices."

So there you have it folks, when Obama is elected president we will have to let people engage in theft and not prosecute them. Is it just me or do some people have a misconception about what Obama being president might to mean to them?