When is Hershey's chocolate not chocolate? NOW!

Well according to an ABC news story Hershey's has begun transitioning products to more cost effective Vegetable Oil in its 'frankenchocolate' instead of using cocoa butter as required by FDA labeling for a product labeled chocolate. Some of you may recall I have already covered that they were trying to get the labeling guidelines changed so they could change the ingredients without telling anyone.

This is not for your health.

This is not to lower the price for you.

This is to lower the cost and line Hershey's pockets at the cost of a product line. They don't care about their product, all they care about is making money. Let them know how you feel, I did with the letter below.


I am a long time consumer of your products. That said, your latest move, to convert some of you candy from chocolate to frankenchocolate has sealed your fate in my snack drawer. Neither myself nor anyone in my family will purchase any further Hershey's brand merchandise due to your substitution of vegetable oil for cocoa butter in your frankenchocolate. I will also make it a crusade to alert other consumers to the changes you have made. You have taken a good product and in the name of nothing other than sheer greed you have perverted and ruined it. Good job. I hope you enjoy the publicity.

Richard Ahlquist
Former Customer