Schools, Education and the undermining of it by socialist nutjobs.

I was minding my own business surfing the web tonight and came across an article that pissed me off so bad... It was about how our schools suck. Having a daughter who will be in first grade next year and who has attended pre-k and kindergarten at the very same school I gave it a whirl. I have to tell you that after reading this pile of crap I wouldn't line my birdcage with it. So since I like to dispute bullshit here goes.

Their first point is on how our school teaches facts instead of understanding. Hogwash. One of the most important things I have seen come to my daughter from her school is understanding. Understanding patterns, understanding how to make leaps of intuition, understanding how to manipulate those around her. Sure you can show someone a pattern xoXOxo-- and say what should be where the dashes are and some will know by intuition and others will know by repeating the clear fact. Sometimes the most importaint lesson in understanding is the relaization that facts can lead to understanding with a little intuition and application of thought, some will never get it and thats fine, the world needs ditches too.

Their second point is how creativity is ignored compared to facts and techniques, again utter hogwash as my refrigerator can attest to. My daughter is bright, she went to kindergarten this eyar able to read. Since most of the kids there didnt even know their alphabet at the beginning of the year in order to keep my child from stagnating they decided to have her author and illustrate her own book.

Their next point is by far one of the hottest topics in our current society and the stupidest argument I have heard from the bleeding hearts. Grades evil, they stomp on little childrens blah blah blah blah blah. Tough, do you think that when I do poorly at work I should be given the same reward and pay raise as someone who busted their ass all year long? Hell no. Do you think mediocre puts food on the table, nope not a lot it wont. They say it undermines students interest. By nature even apes compete, ever hear of Alpha Male? Every species competes. Get over it. Failure is part of life, you must learn to cope at some time lest your failures later on lead to psychotic outbreaks. I told my daughter this year, that no matter who in her class got awards for what ever ridiculous reason, the only one who can award or chastise her over her own performance in any way that should matter to her is herself. If she tried her hardest then that was good enough.

The next quote is just hilarious "Not only does standardized testing annihilate meaningful activities
like arts, it also emphasizes all the wrong things. Since it’s
“objective”, it assesses facts instead of creativity. Therefore
preparing students for these test means teaching cartloads of pointless
facts, rather than meaningful concepts and ideas." That makes me laugh. Arts are important, don't get me wrong. The thing missing here is that art isn't measurable, beauty in art is in the eye of the beholder so standardized tests measure the measurable. The arts while a noble endevaour will not be a valid career option in capitalistic society for 80% of all kids, they will have to have a measureable skill set. Which brings me to the last pile of crap.

"Humans are like individual parts of a machine. Each of them is amazing in its own right, but together they are so much more."

The above outlines the downfall of our generation. The "It takes a village" mind set. I'm sorry, as I said before the world needs ditch diggers too. If my child is capable of traveling at warp speed will you hold her back in your community because it would be wrong? If my kid EARNS an award because she read over 100 books this year and your kid learned their ABC's does that mean that your kid should get an award too? I'll give you an example. Here in Georgia a month or so ago a guy was to be charged with murder as an adult for shooing another man. The DA office never filed the papers, because they didn't get them done in time for the deadline. This is the result of this type of mindset, they couldn't complete their job in a timely manner and they are sorry but someone should have helped them. WRONG. Utter BS. They were given a task to complete and FAILED in an epic manner. Of course in our new community they wont be punished for this failing and the poor wronged murdering bastard will be charged a child so he can return to the community in a timely manner since he is of such value.

The biggest threat to our children is to coddle them as if they are utterly stupid and incapable. To let them rely on others to help them through everything, are all of them going to help each other pay their bills too?


And we wonder why the Japanese and some other nationalities are so much farther ahead of us in the technical department. There is nothing wrong with learning by rote. It teaches the student to focus. Focus for hours on subjects they not only like, but the ones they dislike as well. We are living in a society where 'thought' is not valued nearly as much as what one 'wants' or 'feels' happy doing. What a waste of time and effort the previous generations put into our society since it's going down the tubes so quickly.