Publix you just blew it. Letting the grocery shrinkray cut your yogurt size 25%

Ok, lets face it the sinking ship that is our economy is going down faster than an intern at the White House during the Clinton administration. One of the ways that the creators of consumer products is coping with this is by shrinking your product sizes quietly, without fanfare and charging you the same price. If you weren't aware of this practice take a look at The Consumerist and their section on the shrinking sizes of the products you use.

What I saw over at The Consumerist today irked me to no end. I can understand shrinking a box of cereal a multiple serving item. I can understand shrinking a box of detergent another multiple use item. I can understand lowering the count of trash bags in a box, again a multiple use item. What I saw today that pissed me off to no end is the shrinking of a SINGLE SERVING product, yogurt.

Ok forget that is deceptive to shrink the product in my opinion, and really deceptive to no lower the price for the consumer, but of course this move had nothing to do with benefiting the consumer. This was pure corporate greed. They didn't want you to notice that you're getting 25% less product. Know why this pisses me off? 8oz was a serving, 6oz is a snack, though the package label still says the product is 1 serving. So do you feel 25% less hungry? No I don't either. Would I have rather seen them raise their price to 68 cents(a 25% increase on a .55 price) and keep my serving the same size? HELL YES! At least then I wouldn't feel as if they were trying to sneak the money.

Not to mention every recipe for dressing etc that called for a 'container of yogurt' is now 2 ounces shy of what it originally meant. Just wait, if the sheep don't start to bitch and bitch loudly about this deceptive form of marketing just wait until you have to buy multiples of any ingredient just to make the same recipe.

I don't entirely blame Publix for this but they could have had the stones to stand up and show that they were a company for the consumer, and not a company ready to weasel its way to your wallet and back.