Pulling the Bullshit alarm on Mouseprint Story about Bayer Aspirin with Heart Advantage ( Phytosterol )

It's not very often nowadays that I outright sound the bullshit alarm so maybe this will have more umph!

Over at Mouseprint they usually have a great deal of 'good' consumer information. However on this one I think they are being led by three blind mice.

They are running a piece on Bayer Aspirin with Heart Advantage. The advantage in this case is Phytosterol. if your unfamiliar with Phytosterol you're probably not alone. They are chemicals that naturally occur in plants that are similar in function to the cholesterol in our own blood stream. Phytosterols have cholesterol lowering ability inclusive of preventing or limiting cholesterol
absorption from the food you eat. Since aspirin regimens are fairly common for high blood pressure patients who may also have high cholesterol Bayer saw a way to work this in their favor, so they are including 400mg of Phytosterol in each tablet. One tablet corresponds to the 81mg of aspirin a day thats not uncommon for an aspirin regimen. So its meant to be a one pill a day sort of thing.

Mouseprint and I diverge in our opinion at this point. They take the stance (somewhat extreme it would seem) that in order to get any benift from the Phytosterol you would need to take 2 of Bayer's Heart Advantage aspirins. While this would bring you close to the "recommended" minimum range for Phytosterol, I must ask this.

Does your diet exclusively consist of aspirin tablets?!?! No?!?! Good!

You may remember I said that Phytosterol is a compound found in plants. Vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes, and fruits all can contain Phytosterol! Here is a list of foods rich in Phytosterol. So using that list we can see that if we consumed a single serving of corn (which according to General Mills and Green Giant is 78g in size) we would get 742.56mg of Phytosterol which is just 257.44mg short of the 1 gram recommended in the study above.

Holy smokes Batman! If you took the Bayer aspirin with Heart Advantage, why, you wouldn't have to have that second helping of corn...

So maybe you can see why I had to pull the bullshit level on this half empty glass scenario by Mouseprint. Going off the deep and and stating that; "Bayer should put a conspicuous disclosure on the front panel that says “Take one twice a day,” and not merely rely on the fine print instructions on the back"

Thats just spreading FUD. Obviously no homework done here. Bayer clearly states that you need other Phytosterol in your diet. Like anything in life moderation is the key. Eating and medication and even supplements are no exception. And above all, don't take my or anyones word as the final say. Do the research yourself first.


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