The obsession with updated ISO's.

A recent blog post over on tuxmachines has me a bit torqued. Oddly enough it follows a similar thread in the PCLinuxOS forums. It has to do with the fact that the PCLinuxOS ISO is still dated 2007.

Some background, PCLinuxOS is one of the more popular distros in recent history. It's a fairly mature and stable piece of work, something that I appreciate. The current ISO is from 2007. Not a big deal as PCLinuxOS is a "rolling-release" meaning as updated pieces to the OS or the software bundled with it are available all you have to do is update in synaptic and you're brought current. Yes a rolling release means you have to update your machine! OMG what a shock!

I've noticed over the last two release cycles that as the time grows between releases of PCLOS so does the whining for a remaster, exponentially. What I dont understand is why. If you want an updated ISO PCLOS includes the tools to build one. The number one reason I see people whine about is 'new hardware' and 'having to download all those patches'. I have started to figure out why.

More and more 'new users' are coming over to linux. They are migrating because people like Texstar have made linux distros where the average working guy can use linux, but with these users youre getting their old logic and way of dealing with things. In some cases converts from other releases are coming and those other releases have large teams of devs. Look at fedora, they have a list of officers we have Tex and the ripper gang. No comparision, and if you compare the stability of Fedora vs PCLOS you may be surprised.

Dont get me wrong, the bleeding edge is fun, and sometimes I like to walk on the wild side but from what I see Tex is trying to create something usable. He wants to be a desktop OS that people can just plain out use. Install and go, not a lot of bleeding required. At least thats what it looks like to me and he has succeeded in that for most of us. For every one of the people complaining that they just have to have that updated CD there are at least 5 others who could give a flip.

That said I know Texstar is working on the next big thing, but keep in mind 2007 hasn't even been out for 1 full year yet as of today! Just cut a little slack. If you're running 2007 and you dont need to reinstall this minute you dont need a 2008 CD, just hit synaptic! You will have not only the content that will be on the 2008 CD, but also any additional software you've installed on your machine thats not part of the CD dirstro. Installing a 2008 Cd is going to be no benfit to a up to date 2007 system. None, nada zilch.

Maybe those of you dying for the ISO need to just let go of your old ways and embrace the new.


Texstar has made it very clear that the updates are en route and he is hoping for beta this month, and updated images next month.