Get drug testing or go to jail. Think its far fetched?

My headline sounds a bit intense doesn't it? A little 1984'ish? Not possible in America? WRONG.

We all know that if you child is truant too often they will throw the parents in jail. Personally I dont think thats all that great of an idea but they need to protect the money that schools get for your kid attending so this is one way they do it.

One school district here in Georgia is thinking of taking their athlete drug testing a step further, making testing of all students who drive on campus mandatory.

So if your kid drives to school they could be forced to submit to random drug testing. Ok let me say this, I have no problem if they want drug dogs on campus, I have no problems if they want to keep kids from having lockers so they have no place to stash stuff. But keep you bloody hands off my kid. Georgia school boards of late appear to be run by a bunch of know it alls who know whats best for your kid, and they must be right, why just look at our academic standings! Oh crap never mind.

So we are just one step away from mandatory random drug tests for all kids, how does that make you feel? Have you given up enough liberties yet?