Screw you SmartSource and your sponsors too

If there are two things I cant stand its arrogance about ones self and being rude. SmartSource, you say you are there to help people but you have the most un friendly pile of shit activex control in the world. What kind of an asshole does it take to build a goddamn control to print coupons for cents off, then hyper secure it to make sure some dumbass doesn't print more than two .50cent off coupons for their $9 package of Huggies and not build it in a manner thats forthcoming as to why its not going to work! I spent hours tonight trying to figure out why the hell your pile of shit doesnt work with a Lexmark 3550 printer (a $100+ multifunction device) but will work with the $11 hp 3840 inkjet I have here. Your control was intellegent enough to see that it didnt like something about the Lexmark driver and/or printer but in your arrogance or just plain old rudeness you decided not to inform me why its not printing.

So what have you accomplished? Well you've pissed this consumer off, what the hell am I supposed to do go buy a damn printer thats known to work with your service so I can save a few pennies? Rather than making the experience memorable because I could save a few cents on my grocery bill you made me sick of staring at the Malt-o-Meal cereals and now I have no intention of buying that product because just seeing the package is going to irritate the hell out of me when it reminds me of the night that I spent valuable hours of my time troubleshooting the pile of shit you put out and are either too arrogant or too rude to put a error message in that says, "We are sorry, but we don't support this printer."

Good job asshats. I'll be sure ever company who you have a coupon posted for this week sees this.