Cell Phone Use can Kill, perhaps its time for Draconian measures

After reading yet another story about text messaging being the culprit in someones death I cant help but wonder if we have hit the time for something to change about how our phones operate.

Here in Georgia there was a great deal of controversy a while back where some of the phone providers were teaming up with the state to use a combination of cell phones and triangulation technology to try to gauge the speed of drivers on some of Georgia's highways. People were a bit upset and peeved to say the least. Its happening in other areas too I am sure.

Here is where the draconian measure comes in. Have congress pass legislation completely disabling SMS for anyone with a drivers license with a tested triangulation speed of greater than 30 MPH. This would leave SMS available to what is doubtlessly the largest market for it (the teens below 16 yrs) so they can SMS while daddy drives them to the Mall and prevents daddy from being distracted by his buddy Jim Bob from sending an SMS message about finding mommy kissing Santa... I'm posting a poll, let me know what you think.