just eliminates print it doesnt like

Well recently I was reading my RSS feed when I saw a new story had come up over at about companies and their promises of guaranteed pickup times. I read the piece with interest because I had a run in with Circuit City and their 24 min pickup promise earlier this year. After reading the story like on most blogs there was a comment area so I wanted to comment on the story I menteioned that I had recently discovered CC's program by accident and had blogged about it and gave the address here where I had the story.

Today I noticed had picked up the story and provided linkage, so I figured I'd run back over and see if any consumerist readers had added any meaningful comments. As I was glancing at the comments I noticed that min had been edited before being 'approved' by the moderator. They changed the content to remove any mention of my experience or my blog post about it.

Nice.... So if you want the whole content, uneditorialized don't go to mouseprint, your you may be disappointed.

And yes, some of you might say that I was just hoping for a traffic spike, well let me tell you I dont really care about traffic. Those who like to read my site do read it. Those who dont dont. Its no biggie to me, I have a very small readership despite having run this site for years and thats fine. If I was dying for readers in addition to my comments I'd post pictures of Britney getting out of a car or some such traffic draw like that. I'd do more content etc.

BTW no, I dont edit comments, I do remove spam comments but thats it. If your comment is at all relevant to what I post then it stays but if I post a story about mastercard and you wanna comment on viagra thats not relevant.