Hey look Centex homes, no press is bad press unless you screw someone out of a house you annouced they won in front of thousands

Nuff said, check this out...

Home 'Winner' Says Prize Taken Away - Portland News Story - WMTW Portland

"Congratulations, Veronica Melita Baca. Her Key Opened the Door," they read.

"This is the day that I won the house. This is the day that my key opened the door and the fireworks went out. This is a lucky day. A dream come true. And to see myself like this, it seems like now it's just a nightmare. And they have caused this to me. I don't deserve this,"

Baca said while looking at the Post ad.

She even toured the Brighton home with more than 2,200-square-feet, four bedrooms and 2½ baths, with several excited family members.

After living in their Lakewood home for 35 years, this was a magic moment for the couple.

But on Tuesday, she learned another Lakewood woman had been chosen for the house.

Contest organizers said the finalists would have to agree to a random drawing of names.

UPDATE: Looks like Centex didnt much care for the steamroller of a pr machine they created.


Sounds like maybe an equitable solution in the works.