Watch out at WalMart pharmacy, you need to know more than the pharmacist

No problem controlling shopping urge at WalMart, at least for prescriptions in the future. Matter of fact 2 days ago we were there to pick up 3 prescriptions for my daughter. Dropped them off at 3:40 and they said they would be ready in an hour and 15 mins. My wife being frugal asked if there were generics of any of the prescriptions, they said yes the liquid antibiotic had a generic and they wold be happy to issue that. So we came back at 5:00. They then quoted us 5:15 (wife started to get angry).

At 5:20 they said the meds were ready. My wife told me to take our 5yr old daughter to the car and she would meet me there after she paid and spoke with a manager about the crummy waits we always have to deal with.

At 5:40 my wife comes out to the car and I asked if she chewed the manager a new one. She told me she had Just then gotten our daughters meds and come straight out. I asked what the new hold up was and she said when they rang her up the total was too high, so she asked the cost of the meds and they generic antibiotic was too expensive compared to the name brand (which we had purchased a few months back). She told the pharmacist she wanted the name brand then if WalMart was going to charge more for the generic. The pharmacist said the name brand would be likely more expensive and my wife told her to check it. Sure enough the name brand was more expensive. My wife then asked just how much of the stuff the pharmacist was giving us. And she said 5ml dose for 14 days.

Some of you know what I am about to say. My wife stared blankly at the pharmacist who she already held much contempt for and said, so you're giving me 14 days worth all at once. The pharmacist said yes... My wife said (loudly) think about it.

Most liquid antibiotics lose their potency and are worthless after 10 days and should be tossed. Even the pharmaceuticals company label on the bottle says to dispose of the meds after 10 days. In the past when we have more than a 10 day course the other pharmacist on duty would take it as one prescription and tell use at 9 days come get the remaining doses I will have it pre-labeled and unmixed so it will be no charge since its only one prescription. This pharmacist evidently po'ed that she'd had her expensive medical training trounced by a layperson informed my wife that it was the doctors fault for writing the prescription the way he did and that we would have to pay a second co-pay to get the remaining doses.

So WalMart can take their pharmacy and shove it, if their employees are so stupid they don't even know how to fill a prescription right I don't care how many drugs they put on the $4 list. I for one look forward to prescription vending machines.

If you get your prescriptions at WalMart make sure you know youre stuff so you don't waste your money.