Update On The Convicted Child Molester Who Hung Out With A 'Mommas' Group

Some of the court documents have been posted to the web in this case and can be had here. I wont reproduce the documents here because they contain the kids names in plain sight and not redacted.

Basically it outlines his Indictment and Sentence.
He was convicted, and for whatever reason, all 3 charges were combined into 1. The 3 original counts include.. two 'physical contact' violations and one flashing violation all for the same date and possibly occasion?

He was sentenced to 10 years with 2 years jail time and 8 years probation. He will be a registered sex offender and that will prevent him legally from being a part of any playgroups like he wanted to hang out with before, (see page 3 and 4 of his sentencing) matter of fact he cant really have any contact with minors or groups of them.

Keep in mind this guy hung out with at least one group of women and their kids after he was indicted, but prior to his subsequent conviction and sentencing. Who knows where else he hung out or how he acted.