Violinist risks career and tools of the trade to violently assult police officer while riding bicycle? WTH?

Ok, this one seriously goes into the Barney Fife book of law enforcement. Its a long story but basically guy rides bike away from airport. Barney yells at him, Barney stops him, Barney is a general rude miscreant and refuses to provide details of the real violation. Bicyclist gets on his bike and tries to leave as one of the officers had instructed. He is thrown off his bike and cracks his helmet on the ground (good thing he had it). Officer jerks bicyclist upright. Officer Barney then tasers him.

The charges;
COUNT 1 Gross Misdemeanor, 'Obstructing Legal Process' by force or violence or threat thereof, maximum 1 year in prison
COUNT 2 'Obstrucing Legal Process' misdemeanor
COUNT 3 'Failure to comply with a lawful order', misdemeanor
COUNT 4, 'riding a bicycle opposite adjacent vehicle traffic', misdemeanor
COUNT 5, 'failure to obey official traffic control signal', misdemeanor
COUNT 6, 'Failure to travel in correct direction on one-way roadway', misdemeanor

Yeah, you forgot to include not paying the Gas tax for using a public roadway. What a asshat the DA must be to follow through with these charges against a guy who is self professed to be 140lbs and a violinist FFS. I am sure he was a danger to himself and everyone around him.. Blah