Filming a police officer in public a felony?

A story here explains just how to become a felon in Harrisburg. Video tape the police. Thats right! If you tape the police (with audio) you violate wiretapping laws.

Never mind they are public servants

Never mind they are a group with power over the public that is routinely charged with abuse of that power.

Never mind that if the cops did nothing wrong there is no harm in them taping the police action.

All that matters is that you are now charged with a FELONY. BTW notice the dash cam on the cops dash, you're being taped. Why can they tape? Because they have an exception in place of course silly! How convenient! Sounds like about the most crooked set of laws I have ever heard. Of course sheeple will let them continue to get away with it.

This is no less outrageous than the recent stories about the substitute teacher, Julie Amero, and her abuse at the hands of the court system or of the kid Genarlow Wilson who got his sentence voided and the DA is vowing to appeal despite the laws having changed BECAUSE of this case! Come on people, get outraged and scream, email, protest for fucks sake if you keep ignoring the fascists in this country one day they will come for you and nobody will be left to help you!