Funny math from Tropicana next?

I was recently on the way to work stopped off to grab a quick bottle of
orange juice to drink on the long drive in. I wasn't too choosy and
grabbed some Tropicana 100% Juice orange juice. After I was on my way I
opened the juice and it didn't taste so good, kind of awful as a matter
of fact. Figuring I was just out a couple bucks I closed the bottle and
carried it with me so I could contact Tropicana and let them know about
the bad bottle and possibly batch.

After using their web form to send them a brief message I glanced back
over at the bottle and saw something surprising. The ingredients read;


100% orange juice from concentrate (filtered water and concentrated orange juice), natural flavors*

*Ingredient not found in regular orange juice.

So umm OK 100% plus anything is no longer 100% of the same thing. Its
now 100% of the amalgam of the two items. Meaning that less than 100%
of the content of the bottle is pure orange juice in my book? So I
started to look into the FDA labeling guidelines and found that orange
juice from concentrate just bears a resemblance to the original.
Natural orange juice has a Brix of around 13. Whats a Brix you ask?
Wikipedia defines it thusly;

"Degrees Brix (symbol °Bx) is a measurement of the mass ratio of dissolved sucrose to water in a liquid. It is measured with a saccharimeter that measures specific gravity of a liquid or more easily with a refractometer. A 25 °Bx solution is 25% (w/w), with 25 grams of sucrose
sugar per 100 grams of liquid. Or, to put it another way, there are 25
grams of sucrose sugar and 75 grams of water in the 100 grams of

Simply put its the amount of solids in the fluid. So in general Orange
juice has a Brix of 13 so a freshly squeezed orange has about 13% solids
in its juice. But we are talking about juice from concentrate.
According to FDA Guidelines orange juice reconstituted from concentrate
must have a brix of 11.8 to be called 100% juice. HUH? And orange juice
can be adjusted in its Brix to compensate for acidity. Stupid me I
always assumed make 1 gallon of orange juice extract 40% of the water,
in order for them to later call it 100% they had to add the same exact
amount back.. Bzzzzz Wrong thank you for playing, but you are the
weakest link! Good Bye.