More magic math from Yum Brands, Taco Bell and KFC say no trans fat

In a total marketing ploy of mathematical madness KFC and Taco Bell announce a switch in oil that yields "0 grams" of trans fat in most of their foods. Sounds great right? Uhhhh yeah.....

How about I take 30% of your pay? No? Not up for that? Ok, well then you probably wont like that some of the very foods they are carefully proclaiming as having "0 grams" of trans fat actually contain

amounts like .3333333Grams of trans fat.

Yeah its a reduction, and a good thing but it is not 0 in my book. According to them and the FDA probably it is.

But dont belive BS like the article spews forth, for example "The zero grams trans fat items at KFC also include its potato wedges.".

Yes they have 0 grams, 0.2grams to be precise according to the nutritional calculator on KFC's own web site. According to KFC math your contribution to the IRS every year is ZERO percent. Glad to know I contribute nothing...

KFC, Taco Bell complete switch to oil with no trans fat -