The Kathy Sierra drama and why I cant decide who is more immature

Well I mentioned the Kathy Sierra issue in an earlier post and was very disappointed with how things have spiraled out of control.

The more I have read the less I am convinced this was anything but a bunch of trolls who had too much time and made some stupid comments. Now we have such idiotic feel good crap coming about as March 30: Participate in Stop Cyberbullying Day.

Something I have said for many years that

people just cant seem to get a handle on.

Words have only the power you give them.

Period. End of story.

It's a more adult variation on "Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me." Does that sound familiar children? I knew it would. It's a simple truth. If I, who you dear reader have never met in person, were to yell out my window at you tomorrow on the freeway calling you an idiot, how much impact would that have on your life? If you said something other than none or nothing, get in your car and go seek professional help, you may need it, because you just gave me, a total stranger power over you.

How does that feel? Not too good does it. Then take charge of your self and realize those words would have no impact on you if you didn't give the words, and by extension myself, power over you.

Words are symbols, but not of the power you give them, they are symbols of their meaning in a dictionary. Letters grouped together to form meaning, not power. If you choose to give them power then so be it, much like handing a child a gun, you take responsibility for your own actions.