My wife can find a bargain

When it comes to bargains freebies coupons etc my wife rocks!

She went to the mall today to get some shoes for our vacation and she was smart. She applied for a Parisian card to get 35% off on her purchase of the shoes. Once she paid for the shoes with her new Parisian card she asked the sales clerk if she could pay the card off in full with cash, the lady said yes and that my wife had a great idea. After she got them and paid the card off she called me to brag and tell me she still had a discount for the rest of the day so I asked if she had looked at clothes clearance for our daughter. She hadn't as she was trying to be good. I suggested she give it a try so she did.

The receipt here is the result. A ton of clothes my daughter will have next winter at 85.4% off the retail price. They had their clearance at 70% off and then my wifes discounts stacked on top of that. Net result is $215 of clothes for under $32.

Some out there may be able to beat it but who cares, with bargain finding skills like that, we cant loose.


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