Vonage screwed by patent, film at 11

Another example of how our broken patent system is crushing innovation talked about over at techdirt. Maybe this is what we need, maybe a big company like BlackBerry or Vonage needs to stand by their guns and when they lost a case like this, pay the fines and simply shut down within days of the ruling. When half a million consumers suddenly find themselves without cell service or long distance perhaps that would be enough to get them off their collective lazy back sides and get them to contact their congresscritter about patent reform..... Nahh wont happen, there are still beers left in the fridge.

Verizon Wins Patent Case Against Vonage; Now Pushing To Shut Down Vonage ServiceFollowing yesterday's request by Verizon that Vonage pay nearly $200 million for actually innovating while Verizon sat on the sidelines, a jury has sided with Verizon, and told Vonage to pay up. They didn't go all the way, however, finding Vonage only violated some patents, and saying the fine should be $58 million and 5.5% of future service revenue. Verizon, however, has also asked the judge to issue an injunction to shut down Vonage's service. Given the recent MercExchange/eBay Supreme Court decision hopefully the judge will realize that an injunction isn't reasonable here. Vonage, of course, will appeal, so this is anything but over. What will likely happen, though, is that Vonage will just settle the case, because at some point it's just cheaper to settle than to fight. Apparently, that's what you get for innovating as a small company these days.