Illinois Department of Revenue Threatens Man Over Alternative Fuel Use

We are in an energy crisis right? Our President has asked us to curtail our dependency on foreign oil right? So converting your car to bio-diesel would be a great idea right?
Not in Illinois. Evidently using and/or making alternative fuels in Illinois gets you away from paying taxes at the pump (god forbid!) and so they want you to pay for the fuel you create from a waste product! They sent two goons over to confront a 79 year old retired chemist over his use of vegetable oil as a fuel for his 1986 Volkswagen Golf. They want him to apply to be a "special fuel supplier" and "receiver", for himself despite the law stating he needs to be able to store no less than 30,000 gallons of fuel. Why? Because its the only way he can pay his fuel tax? WTF? Talk about a huge waste of taxpayer monies! Just the fact that the Illinois Department of Revenue has the time to waste on this is stupid. In the end if they aren't able to blackmail the poor man into the $2500 fee to apply to be a "special fuel supplier" then all they will be collecting for him at the current time is $244. Yes, you read that right. So assuming the two men they sent over to talk to him are paid $10/ hour, and lets guess they stared 2 hours that leaves $204 of revenue. Now assume that through this whole process the IDR spends another 20 hours on handling this mans case, well thats $200. That leave $4. Awesome! WTG! They generated $4 of revenue for 22 hours of work. Remind me to recommend them for an efficiency award. You can read the rest of the story here.