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Vonage screwed by patent, film at 11

Another example of how our broken patent system is crushing innovation talked about over at techdirt. Maybe this is what we need, maybe a big company like BlackBerry or Vonage needs to stand by their guns and when they lost a case like this, pay the fines and simply shut down within days of the ruling. When half a million consumers suddenly find themselves without cell service or long distance perhaps that would be enough to get them off their collective lazy back sides and get them to contact their congresscritter about patent reform.....

Illinois Department of Revenue Threatens Man Over Alternative Fuel Use

We are in an energy crisis right? Our President has asked us to curtail our dependency on foreign oil right? So converting your car to bio-diesel would be a great idea right?

Imprisioned by your own body? Or Big brother?

Found this over on Digg. I cant imagine this poor guys frustration!

US Citizen Quarantined For LifeA young man sits in a locked room in the detention ward at Maricopa Medical Center, under sheriff's guard. He is not allowed a TV a cellphone or visitors. A video camera catches his every move. He has been isolated here for eight months and is expected to remain much longer, perhaps until he dies. But Robert Daniels is not charged with any crime.

Boston, what is in your tea?

Oh my side! Will they quit thinking they are the terrorist focus of the world forever?

Boston police blow up traffic counter chained to lightpostThanks to the Boston Police bomb squad, this is one traffic counter box that won't get a chance to kill anyone.

RIAA proves it can leach your money for lower costs!

Unbelievable, courtsey of

Its time to take action folks or just give up every freedom our forefathers fought for!

Ok this is just rediculous. I dont recall electing anyone at the FCC so where is my representation for what will essentially be a new tax??????From Digg:FCC Aproves Tax: ISPs now required to pay for Fed's Wiretapping Broadband providers and Internet phone companies will have to pick up the tab for the cost of building in mandatory wiretap access for police surveillance, federal regulators ruled Wednesday.I am PISSED people. HELLO Bueller! Is anyone awake out there?

Dramatically Screw your Life over to pay us the imagined damages we bribed congress into making into a law!

Spotted this on Digg....RIAA to students: 'drop out of college to pay settlement'

An MIT student accused of copyright infringement has been documenting her struggles with the RIAA. Upon trying to negotiate her settlement, a representative told her "the RIAA has been known to suggest that students drop out of college or go to community college in order to be able to afford settlements." Is this justice or insanity?

Immigration BS ongoing

First off let me say that I am 4th gen off the boat, on all sides of my family tree. In the case of each and every one of my forefathers they entered the country legally and obtained citizenship the same way.Storeis like the one below enrage me, why? Because of a few simple things.

  • They came here because it was betterYou dont hear about too many people fleeing the US to go to Chernobyl now do you, no you go to some place better.
  • We are talking about ILLEGAL immigration, not the legal folks.Look you can come over here as much as you like legally, but if you break the law to get here, then you have no rights other than to get up and go home.

Why kids dont respect authority.

If you ever wanted to know why kids and teens have no respect for authority you will find the below a perfect example. A kid realizing he brought a swiss army knife to school went straight to the office and turned it in and was promptly suspended and expulsion proceedings started! Way to go!

Diebold, just when you get them on the ropes they pull out a shiv

Techdirt is reporting on the latest creepy move by Diebold, the voting machine company who wants your tax dollars to purchase their voting machines but they will be dammed if you are allowed to make sure they work in a satifactory manner! Check out the dirt here;Diebold Tries To Charge County For Showing Its Machines Have Serious Problems


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