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Run you buncha cry babies.

Ahh here we go again. First we have online guys threatening their teenage girlfriends and pressuring them into nude photos. Yeaaaah... Riiiiight....

Then we have the whole Kathy got threatened and rush crybaby scared out of the real world......

Now sexual threats, wow, Key of Fury frighten me on a regular basis too......

Digg - Sexual Threats Stifle Some Female Bloggers

Chocolate without cocoa butter aint chocolate

Gotta love this. Big Food wants to modernize regulations so they can change how they make fod under certain labeling like use vegetable oil to make Chocolate! WTF? Are we really that stupid?

The Blog | Kerry Trueman: Like Oil For Chocolate | The Huffington Post

The medical community beats the RIAA to the future

Good business practice tells us what is good for our customer is good for our bottom line. Sensing the winds of change, and a growing backlash against medical professionals who take bribes err incentives for prescribing certain drugs to suckers errr patients some doctors are proposing a radical change.

Honesty! They want to provide "uncensored scholarly material in the hands of doctors and anyone interested in health, with no financial or political strings attached"

Publix takes time out for good customer service

My wife and I shop at Publix, a lot! We happen to like the store and unlike WalMart they treat you like a human not just a change purse. We have had issues with the ATM outside the store, we use it because there is no fee for my bank when we do. In the past its had a lot of issues but recently its gotten very bad. So I took time to write Publix at their website. Here is the majority of what I wrote.

Keeping a mortgage to save on your taxes

If you're like me then you have probably heard the suggestion that you keep a mortgage in your life for the tax write off. In some cases people are even advised to increase their mortgage rather than pay it off to save more. It may sound like good advice, but its NOT. Here is why

Bank and financial web sites using pictures for validation arent secure!

Well thank goodness someone has finally taken the time to prove that SiteKey, PassMark or whatever you want to call the new stupid challenge systems financial intuitions are using are NOT SECURE.

Paul Thurrott Windows Apologist?

I've been catching up on some of my podcast listening and was working while listning to Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte episode #18.At a little more than 15 mins into the podcast Leo mentions a WSJ article about Linux on the desktop and it being back. Paul immediately starts to slam Linux. I cant believe the ignorance with which he goes on stating that Linux is not innovating but simply playing catch up. I understand Paul may tie his livelihood to Windows however thats a very narrow mindset.

Innovation is dead, murdered by the USPTO

A while back a truly innovative company came about, called Vonage. Unfortunately they use modern technology that may or may not be covered by many patents. In a recent court case a judge has decided they are indeed covered so they owe millions to the company who was squatting on them (Verizon). Now the judge has decided they cant even add new customers. So signals the end of Vonage and the end of innovative use of technology without having to either pay huge license fees.

An Open Letter to Cumulus Media Inc. and Q100 about it's Sixflags Promotion

Q100 was running a promo for DitchDay that was to encourage people to go to SixFlags today, between 6 am and 9 am for free admission to the park. Lo and behold the park was swamped before 6 am and the gates closed and the freeway offramps blockaded by police. Cumulus Media Inc. should be billed for the horrible traffic problems they caused. Not to mention the thousands who weren't able to get in for the free day and the countless people holding passes and other tickets that will not be allowed into the park today.

Prescription drug companies and their antics

Hmm not too surprising and definitely worth following.

Under the Influence: How Lobbyists Wrote and Bought the Rx Drug Bill -VIDEO60 Minutes tells the story of how pharmaceutical industry lobbyists literally wrote the historic Medicare Prescription Drug Bill and twisted arms to get the necessary votes to have it passed in the middle of the night.


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