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No chemistry for you, why, because of meth of course

Ok meth is a problem. Agreed. So are nuclear warheads but you don't see the government outlawing the use of metal since you can use metal to make a frame for a warhead. For the past 6 or 7 years there has been a war on meth and I for one support them combating it but not this way. They are causing too many civilian casualties. First it was pseudophedrine, we lost it in NyQuil, Actifed, Sudafed, and hundreds of others, the few that remain, are behind the pharmacy counter due to an extension of the Patriot Act. Yeah you heard me right, are we fighting tweakers or terrorists here?

Another attack on a biodiesel user, state tax boards are watching your bumper stickers!

Please remember if you just up and decided to exercise your freedoms to use biodiesel you make yourself, youre a criminal and a tax evader unless you ok it with your local tax authorities! Remember to bring your papers with you and your check book because they are most likely going to ream charge you for the privilege of trying to save the environment. Remember its your fault that the local government is too busy to effectively write proper legislation covering this!

Filming a police officer in public a felony?

A story here explains just how to become a felon in Harrisburg. Video tape the police. Thats right! If you tape the police (with audio) you violate wiretapping laws.

Never mind they are public servants

Never mind they are a group with power over the public that is routinely charged with abuse of that power.

Never mind that if the cops did nothing wrong there is no harm in them taping the police action.

Lying to get your kids in the school of your choice doesnt show any intent to commit a crime.

Ok this just fries me, it's sad, very sad.

A mother of three who was accused of illegally sending her children to school in Marietta was found not guilty Friday on felony charges.

Prosecutors claimed that Jeanine Echols, who lives in Cobb County, lied repeatedly to the government about her address because she wanted her children to attend better schools in the Marietta school district. Instead of using the address where she and her children live, Echols used the address of her husband's family.

School fakes gun attack like happened in Virgina, teachers should be prosecuted for felony terroristic threats.

This story has me so pissed and I wasn't even directly involved. Some fucking idiot teachers thought it would be a good idea to hold some kind of sadistic 'drill' with some 6th graders on a school field trip. They decided to fake that a gunman was going to shoot and kill the kids.

From the Story;

"The children were in that room in the dark, begging for their lives,
because they thought there was someone with a gun after them," said
Brandy Cole, whose son went on the trip.


With all the CFL around how can people be so blind?

It always saddens me to see folks take a personal stance on something that could be more easily treated as factual. Allow me to explain. There has been a huge amount of press over CFLs and the mercury they contain. Lets get a couple facts on the table.

Price fixing and gasoline, now Wisconsin is in on it

Yep read the story after the jump this just makes me sick. Wisconsin should be ashamed. They should be helping the consumer not forcing this guy to take money from customers he doesn't want. Gas station owner told to raise prices - Yahoo! News

Funny math from Tropicana next?

I was recently on the way to work stopped off to grab a quick bottle of
orange juice to drink on the long drive in. I wasn't too choosy and
grabbed some Tropicana 100% Juice orange juice. After I was on my way I
opened the juice and it didn't taste so good, kind of awful as a matter
of fact. Figuring I was just out a couple bucks I closed the bottle and
carried it with me so I could contact Tropicana and let them know about
the bad bottle and possibly batch.

10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be The Computer Guy

Saw this on digg, had to pull from cache and repost.

Reason #10 - Most Of Your Accomplishments Are Invisible

The computer guy never hears anyone tell him, “I just want to let you know … everything is working fine!”

The reality is that people call the computer guy when something is wrong.

More magic math from Yum Brands, Taco Bell and KFC say no trans fat

In a total marketing ploy of mathematical madness KFC and Taco Bell announce a switch in oil that yields "0 grams" of trans fat in most of their foods. Sounds great right? Uhhhh yeah.....

How about I take 30% of your pay? No? Not up for that? Ok, well then you probably wont like that some of the very foods they are carefully proclaiming as having "0 grams" of trans fat actually contain


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