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The obsession with updated ISO's.

A recent blog post over on tuxmachines has me a bit torqued. Oddly enough it follows a similar thread in the PCLinuxOS forums. It has to do with the fact that the PCLinuxOS ISO is still dated 2007.

Get drug testing or go to jail. Think its far fetched?

My headline sounds a bit intense doesn't it? A little 1984'ish? Not possible in America? WRONG.

We all know that if you child is truant too often they will throw the parents in jail. Personally I dont think thats all that great of an idea but they need to protect the money that schools get for your kid attending so this is one way they do it.

One school district here in Georgia is thinking of taking their athlete drug testing a step further, making testing of all students who drive on campus mandatory.

Screw you SmartSource and your sponsors too

If there are two things I cant stand its arrogance about ones self and being rude. SmartSource, you say you are there to help people but you have the most un friendly pile of shit activex control in the world. What kind of an asshole does it take to build a goddamn control to print coupons for cents off, then hyper secure it to make sure some dumbass doesn't print more than two .50cent off coupons for their $9 package of Huggies and not build it in a manner thats forthcoming as to why its not going to work!

Comprimised Botnet Server List

Well my server has been undergoing a botnet attack for a few weeks now. Havent had time to contact all the idiots who have a compromised box that is attacking mine so here is the list from the last 24 hours. A quick summary, these machines have all tried to hit a trackback module to insert linkspam. If you see your machines IP here you may want to hire a security professional. ( 2:1 ( 1:1 1:1

Intolerance isnt a game

I find myself in an interesting situation. Recently while playing with my Linux installs I decided to give some of the games a shot. Being especially fond of RPG games I took a look at several. One of which was an online MMORPG. I tried it out and it was pretty good. While solitarily advancing my character I started to run into some of the other players in the world. As with any online community there were shining stars and there were bottom feeders with a little variety in between.

Cell Phone Use can Kill, perhaps its time for Draconian measures

After reading yet another story about text messaging being the culprit in someones death I cant help but wonder if we have hit the time for something to change about how our phones operate. just eliminates print it doesnt like

Well recently I was reading my RSS feed when I saw a new story had come up over at about companies and their promises of guaranteed pickup times. I read the piece with interest because I had a run in with Circuit City and their 24 min pickup promise earlier this year.

Monsanto and the state of Pennsylvania crying over spilt milk

So you like your milk right? Most folks without lactose intolerance do. Do you hang on the side of the fence thats not thrilled by artificial hormones pumped into cows to make them produce more milk? Me neither.

Why it was Stupid of us to buy a Garmin GPS

Ok we made a boo boo and to keep me from making the same stupid mistake again I am pasting some email here to my blog so in the future if someone asks me "Why shouldnt we buy a Garmin StreetPilot or nüvi GPS?" I can refer back to this and remind myself. So if you're not me you shouldnt bother to be reading this ;-) the real problem with this GPS and updates is below.

Dear [redacted],

Thank you for contacting Garmin International,

Unfortunately your unit is a unit with limited memory storage for the
entire 2008 NT mapping. Due to this limitation of the unit, these units

Hey look Centex homes, no press is bad press unless you screw someone out of a house you annouced they won in front of thousands

Nuff said, check this out...

Home 'Winner' Says Prize Taken Away - Portland News Story - WMTW Portland

"Congratulations, Veronica Melita Baca. Her Key Opened the Door," they read.

"This is the day that I won the house. This is the day that my key opened the door and the fireworks went out. This is a lucky day. A dream come true. And to see myself like this, it seems like now it's just a nightmare. And they have caused this to me. I don't deserve this,"


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